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A Work in Progress

Curriculum Choices, Newest to Oldest

Curriculum Choices for 8th Grade
BJU Life Science
The Bible and It's Influence
Starting Points, David Quine
Lial's Basic College Mathematics
Runkle's World Physical Geography
K12 Human Odyssey books 2 and 3 

Curriculum Choices for 5th and 10th Grade

Going "old school" with Language Arts this book will last 3 years, love that!
Intermediate Language Lessons in workbook format with the Teacher's Manual.

For Bible and Literature, I am using those portions of this unit study, Further Up and Further In, Diane Pendergraft.  Jenna adores the Chronicles of Narnia, this will be our 3rd year reading them through.

Science is a mix of books on a wide range of topics and Beakman's World.

Story of the World 2 with Activity Book and a reading list

Minimus for Latin

English Composition and Grammar/English Literature

Finishing BJU online Biology and heading into The Spectrum Honors Chemistry

Logic and Doctrine
Socratic Logic, Peter Kreeft 
Handbook of Christian Apologetics, Peter Kreeft with Ronald Tacelli

Foreign Language
Latin II
So You Really Want to Learn Latin Book 2, Galore Park Publishing UK

Art of the Western World
The Annotated Mona Lisa
Annenberg Media Course: Art of the Western World
Francis Schaeffer, How Should We Then Live book and lecture series

Contemporary World History: The Great War– 2011 through books and film

19th Century rural New England studies   (junior internship at Old Sturbridge Village, 250 hours)

Abeka Health in Christian Perspective

Shakespeare Set Free, a weekly 2 hour class taught by MaryEllen Oliver

Curriculum Choices for 4th and 9th

And once again, I've tweaked midway.
Bible and Devotions: Daily
Joshua and Judges with study questions from
Geography:  Weekly Readings and activities
Minn of the Mississippi, Holling C. Holling with Beautiful Feet's Geography through Literature guide.  We've finished this and are just doing a Geography book I picked up at Staples.
Shakespeare: Weekly Readings with narrations.
Language: Daily
I am a Latin junkie and own everything but will be using Latin for Children and some Oxford for this year.
I have found the original version of LFC to be weak on translation so I supplement with Oxford.  I am aware that LFC had readers, but I disliked them a great deal and will not use them.
BJU Math 4 with Math Whizz which is a tutoring website that has worked really well for Jenna this year so far.
Grammar: Daily
BJU Grammar 4
Science: 2 or 3 days/week
Abeka Science 
The Incredible Journey, Sheila Burnford
The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett
Pollyanna, Eleanor Porter
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving
Zekmet the Stone Carver, Mary Stolz
The Golden Goblet, Eloise Jarvis McGraw
The Boys and Girls Plutarch, John S. White,  selected chapters
Black Ships Before Troy, Rosemary Sutcliffe with Alan Lee illustrations. 
The Wanderings of Odysseus, Rosemary Sutcliffe with Alan Lee illustrations.
Xerxes, Jacob Abbott
Three Greek Children, Alfred Church
Alexander the Great, Jacob Abbott
Hannibal, Jacob Abbott
 History Spine(s) A Picturesque Tale of Progress, Volumes 1-4
I reviewed this set here.

9th Grade
Our plans changed due to economic issues.  It may have been a God thing though.  Our year with the BJU DVDs was what Rowan and I had needed.  I was able to just be Mom for her and pass the teaching over to her BJU teachers.  I found a curriculum that I have wanted to use with Rowan since it was published at a price I was able to afford.  We had a long chat and now her 9th grade lineup looks like this.

Speilvogel's Human Odyssey
Finish the 2nd semester of BJU Algebra I with dvds and Jacobs Geometry with the Teaching Company dvds for the 2nd semester
BJU Biology
So You Really Want to Learn Latin I, Galore Park
Material Logic,  Memoria Press
The Elegant Essay
I am modifying Omnibus only slightly, her reading list is as follows:
Oresteia, Aeschylus
Theban Trilogy, Sophocles
The Aeneid, Virgil
Twelve Caesars, Suetonius
Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare
Chosen by God, RC Sproul
Unaborted Socrates, Peter Kreeft

Curriculum Choices for 3rd and 8th

For 8th grade we are using all of Bob Jones University Press materials as well as their dvd's this year.  It is a choice I never believed that we would make, yet here we are, never say never.  The materials are well thought out and rigorous.  I am more impressed with them than ever though there are elements that cause frustration to some degree.  It is mainly the old HomeSat courses that are not yet updated that bug us.  Due to the fact that they are teaching to a classroom there is the usual time wasters that generally, a home school avoids.  Bothering my perfectionist daughter most are the ubiquitous stupid questions that abound in these lectures.
Bothering me the most is that they don't update or adjust the schedules in any way and they are more than slightly confusing and annoying with which to work .

That having been said, the updated courses that have been made solely for the dvd students are exceptional.
The teacher speaks directly to YOUR student, no classroom nonsense and they are filmed very well.
One of the best features when buying an entire grade level is that we can substitute 2 classes up or down a grade.  We went up a year to 9th grade science and 9th grade math because that is were Rowan was.  When you buy the complete grade level set you are also allowed to add Bible and choose a language. 

BJU Bible Truths 8
BJU Heritage Studies 8

We are still following a Classical model for the most part with our youngest.  Our "Classical Eclectic"  3rd grade uses some Charlotte Mason materials, Well Trained Mind recommendations and some favorites we have used since our first year homeschooling.  I really enjoyed the Language Lessons by Sandi Queen the last couple of years for this child.  They suited her better than the Christian Light Education Language Arts we used for our other daughter.  The Pictures in Cursive is a delight and I wish they had them years ago.  Art appreciation as well as cursive practice.  I do love a good combo.  I don't know why I am doing Truthquest with her now, it just ended up that way though we are going to begin a WTM history rotation next year for 4th grade.  I am really looking forward to it and will have a page dedicated to the materials we will be using soon.
We have had some math issues for the first time with Jenny so we have added in some Singapore and Math Mammoth pages to backtrack a bit and solidify some basics.  They are excellent resources and it seems to be helping.  This will be our last year with the Apologia Elementary Sciences as well.  We have enjoyed them greatly and they are such beautiful books.  We lapbooked one, notebooked another and skipped it all save reading it in one of them as well.  We did all the Zoology books.  We also have read through a number of "living books" for grammar stage science.  Moving on the the "Christian Kids Explore" series for Logic stage.
IEW we still love and will continue to use through the Logic Stage.
CLE Math 300 with Singapore Math 2A and 2B and the instructor's guide as this methodology was new to me.  We picked up their Vroot and Vroom computer cd too.  We are also adding in Math Mammoth pages. 

Curriculum Choices for 2nd and 7th
7th Grade
Math: Life of Fred Fractions and Decimals and Percents
BJU Life Science with dvds
Mystery of History 3 with Truthquest
Runkle’s World Physical Geography
Galore Park Latin Prep 2
Art of Argument
Lightening Literature 7 with Teaching the Classics
Christian Light Education Bible 700
Atelier Art
Alfred’s Music Theory

2nd Grade
Christian Light Education Math 200
Christian Light Education Language Arts 200
Christian Light Education Reading 200
NASB with Nancy Gantz’s commentary on Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus
Logic Safari
Latina Christiana with Famous Men of Rome
Apologia Elementary Science Zoology 2 with lapbook
Abeka Cursive Penmanship
Music Ace
Atelier Art
Teaching Kids to Sing dvd
We use Geography from A to Z and Troxel's Geography Songs for Geography
We have used this cd year after year, the songs make memorizing geography easy and fun.

We have a large reading list for 3rd grade and I have not typed them all out yet but stand by, I will be adding them as time goes by.  Mostly we use Landmark books for this age and grade.  They are exceptional nonfiction history books written by many well known writers.  I have collected almost the entire set over the years and they are my favorite resource for living books for the ages 5-12.
As we are in American History from 1800-1865, our history and literature selections line up with the dates and events of those times.


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