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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Yesterday it Poured

As a general rule, I love rain.  Especially on days when I can curl up in my chair and read, guilt free.

Yesterday was not one of those days.

Let me preface this a bit by saying I have always hated raincoats and umbrellas.  I was always that gal doing the Gene Kelly impersonation, dancing through puddles with glee while snickering at all the people trying to stay dry with umbrellas that turned into sails.  I would laugh while looking out my window on campus at UMass at all the umbrella carcasses left by the poor fools who hoped they would stay dry and found out wrong.

Yesterday I had to work.  About 5 minutes before I had to go out the door, the heavens opened.  It was raining harder than I've seen it in ages.

My darling husband says to me, "wait, where's the umbrella"?  And foolishly, I opened the drawer and pulled it out.  

I open the umbrella, grab my purse and lunch bag and try to go out the door.  No good, the umbrella is too wide.  Dearest husband grabs the umbrella, opens the door, fits it out sideways and hands it to me.  Delightful.  I, now protected from the deluge with my umbrella, tiptoe to my car because, of course, I had decided to wear my new, adorable, blue leather flats.

I get to my car, open the door, throw my stuff in the passenger seat and now I am sitting in the driver's seat with my arm out the door, holding the open umbrella.  Rain is now being driven into the car from my open door and I realize I have absolutely no idea how to close the umbrella.  Water is now pouring down my arm as well as into my seat as I struggle with the mechanics of closing the umbrella.  I must have been loud, (though who knew over the sound of driving rain anyone could possibly hear me) because the next thing I know, my beloved husband is at the door, he grabs the umbrella telling me I sound like a crazy person and closes the umbrella, and walks away with it!

So, I close my door, trying to wring out my shirt and open the passenger side window at the same time so I can yell to him that I'll need the umbrella to get into my office!  So back he comes, opens the door, throws the umbrella in the car and leaves again.  Apparently, he still thinks I am being crazy.

Ok, so, I am a little on the damp side, no worries.  I start the car and head to work.  I can't make my morning phone calls because the rain is just that loud, put my wipers on ludicrous speed and drive.   As I adjust the defrost to try to clear the window, it turns out only one setting will do and it is somewhere around 110 degrees.  The perfect temperature when it is hot, humid and you are soaking wet.  Pretty sure some of the condensation on the windows at that point was from the steam now coming off my wet clothes.

Get to work, parking is scarce, pull into a spot, glare at the umbrella and said screw you to it.  Opened my door to get out of the car and land up to my calves in a puddle.  In my new, very cute shoes with my ankle length skirt.

Pretty sure I looked like this all day.


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