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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ups and Downs

  Hurricane Arthur is causing some consternation and cancellations around here but it matters not to us.  It's Cape Cod and it's hurricane season so we just deal with whatever comes along.  Honestly, we sure can use some rain for the gardens.  (As long as it's not so torrential as to completely trash them.)  Fireworks are postponed til Sunday.  I don't know why, last year they did them in a complete fog bank and we couldn't see them at all.  The brightly colored fog was kind of festive though.

Mini Rant Warning: Rant Ahead
  I haven't actually been happy with the whole fireworks thing the last few years.  They have removed all the usual patriotic songs from the event and frankly, that pisses me off more than just a little.  We used to sing along to the Armed Forces medley and God Bless America and the National Anthem.  Now they don't even play them.  I just don't get it.
Mini Rant Over

  Jenna and I went to THE BOOK SALE yesterday and we had a ball.  Going to head back on Monday for the last day which is "fill a bag for a buck" day.  It's like Christmas, but less expensive.  Rowan wasn't feeling up to it and I know that is a indication of how seriously bad she felt because we never, ever miss this event.  It is one of our very favorite things to do every year.  I felt badly for her but I did bring her home the first 3 books in the Maximum Ride series.  I love it and I think she will too.  I decided to re-read it this week, it's been a couple of years.  Hopefully she will be able to join us on the last day.

We went to a lovely family gathering last night to see my niece.  Rowan still wasn't able to leave the house and we missed her.  It is always a blessing to spend any time at all with my family.  They are awesome. 

Today is a follow-up for Jenna at the Doctor.  For those of you who are interested, current Lyme and Babesia symptoms are jaw pain, severe lack of appetite, nausea (probably medication induced) fatigue, neck and back pain, eye issues and headaches.  Also, she's losing weight and she doesn't have any to spare.  Current meds are Atovaquone and Zithromax with Plaquenil, Tindamax, Nystatin and Omnicef.  Had to take milk thistle out of her supplements and no COQ10 while on Atovaquone.  Currently probiotics, alpha lipoic acid, B-Complex, D, magnesium taurate and Serrapeptase.

Traffic here on good Olde Cape Cod is ridiculous this time of year.  Grocery shopping last week there were two accidents in the parking lot that required calls to police!  There have been several near misses for all of us and general observations of insanity every time we leave the house.   Coming home from another trip, Michael had to swerve almost into a telephone pole because some chick just decided she was going to pull out from a side road RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!  People are flying through red lights, blinkers are rarely used and if they are, it's because they forgot it was on and aren't actually turning, so it's like a guessing game but way less fun.  Lots of people who seem to have forgotten the 20-30 feet of boat and trailer they are towing when they head into the rotary, and don't even get me started on The Rotary Games.  Helpfully, the Mass D.O.T. has put up some fun new signs that tell you how long the backup is, which is helpful in absolutely no way whatsoever since what we need to know is where there is back up so we can AVOID it altogether!  Love The Real Cape's take on this one.

Getting the house ready for our annual company from Denmark.  They will be here next week and I can't wait!  Well, truthfully, I am thinking about getting the house ready and making lists, but have not progressed to actually doing it quite as yet. But it is definitely on my "to do" list.

Have a safe and wonderful Independence Day Everyone! Here is some of that Patriotic music I've been missing.


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