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Friday, June 13, 2014

Love Letter

  You were in your "monk" phase when we met Mountain Man.  I thought you were pretty cool, mellow, soothing to be around.  Four years went by and I don't know when it happened, exactly.  You were graduating a semester before me and all of a sudden I panicked.  Life without you around?  So I wrote you a poem and put it in a graduation card.  I laid it all on the table, poured out my heart and soul.  And you still didn't get it.  I was flabbergasted.  What the hell?

  We sort of dated and then you panicked and took a job in Oregon.  Could you have gotten farther away?  Seriously?  But, out there alone, with time to think, you finally got it.  You sent me a mixed tape and on it was a song you'd written for me.  I wore out that tape. 

  Later that summer, you sent me a plane ticket.  You'd gotten us a weekend at a gorgeous little B&B on the coast.  You met me at the airport with a gift.  It was a Swiss Army knife that you later appropriated.  And we sat, after a walk on the beach, in front of the little wood stove at the B&B and you started to play me the song.  
And you played it wrong, which, of course, I promptly mentioned. 
'Cause that's the way I am, romantic to the core.

  And that was it pretty much.  It was you and me.  You wanted to propose on the mountain by a waterfall you'd found.  That didn't happen, I had a new book and didn't want to go when you casually said, "are you ready for that walk?"  Months later, we went for that walk.  We never did find that waterfall.  We trekked up and down that stupid mountain all day.  Timing is everything.  But you'd already proposed by then, good thing.

  We got married, we had one beautiful girl and then another.  We bought a house and we made it a home. 

  In all these 22 years, we've lived, laughed, loved, lost and endured you and me. We've had good times, hard times, great times, times of soul wrenching loss, times of unsurpassed joy.  But mostly, we have just been blessed with time together, you and me.  And I am so very thankful.
"Some things, when together, are more complete than when standing alone."
Happy 22nd Anniversary my love


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