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Monday, November 18, 2013

Catching up a bit.

I'm getting ready for the holidays, knitting, shopping on Etsy, de-cluttering and such.  This is my favorite find so far, it came already and it is fantastic!  And this is where I've purchased some of my new patterns for gifts this year.  Lovely stuff!  On book 118 of my 130 book challenge for the year.  Right now I'm reading through the Artemis Fowl series with Jenna.  Mike got a new truck (new to us anyway) and is getting ready for another short term missions trip to Sierra Leone in January.

 Biology labs have been going well at the new T.E.A.C.H. tutorials we are involved in this year.  Both girls have straight A's in Writing and American Literature there as well.  I am not a huge fan of leaving the house but these have been completely worth it so far.    It also has given us the opportunity to spend an hour or so every Wednesday with my Mom, time we all love.

Operation Christmas Child was a success, somewhere around 500 boxes were shipped out and Jenna was interviewed for the local paper as well!
Lyme Disease still sucks.  Meet Charlie (short for Charlotte) , Rowan's new therapy bunny!  She is a little Dutch bunny, 3 months old and defines the term, "snugglebunny".  Just ordered Dr. Horowitz's new book, "Why Can't I Get Better?" hoping for some guidelines and information from it.   
It snowed last week and now it is 60 degrees out!  I love snow!  Can't wait for more. 
We went apple picking as a family last month and a grand time was had by all.  Highly recommend Honeypot Hill Orchards.  They have fantastic hedge mazes, a petting zoo, apple cider donuts and a wonderful location in Stow, Mass.  It was the best family fun day in ages!

Looking forward to more family time and traditions over the next few months.  Thanksgiving and the annual family viewing of Christmas Vacation, Cookie Day, Tree Day, going to see The Desolation on Smaug on the 13th, Christmas, our annual LOTR New Year's Movie Marathon and whatever else comes up along the way.


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