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Monday, September 16, 2013

Playing Catch-Up

Here it is, going into week two of being back from our annual camping trip and I have still not adjusted.  I mean, I have certainly been grateful to be home, this wasn't our best year ever by any means on the island.  Hot showers and non-grilled food, clean fingernails and no sand in the bed are all welcome.  The difficulty was in jumping straight in to school, doctor appointments, the new tutorial where I am teaching Biology labs and going away for the weekend.  Usually we have a week off before things go crazy.  
It wasn't a great first week, but we made it through with minimal tears, stressful on all of our parts for one thing or another but there ya go.  I will be blogging more this week because there are other things on my mind, in the meanwhile, here are some of my favorite photos from recent times.

Annual Camping on Washburn Island Trip
Off we go with our dear friends. 
Mike's first sailing lesson was more along the lines of learning to right the boat, got towed in by the jetski, note Rowan in the kayak in the background, she was the peanut gallery. ;)
He did eventually learn and he did great, had taken to singing sea chantys and saying things like, "I am the master of the wind". 
Sunset on the riverside of the island is always stunning.

Songs, games and laughter, reading in the hammock, silliness, sun, surf are all part of the package, this is my favorite photo of Jenna from this trip.
And one of my favorites of Rowan.
Storm front moving out was spectacular.  We got a little damp but there was no wind involved so we made out a whole lot better than in last year's monsoon!
Rose hips on the beach.
Arwen made a new friend.

Rainbow and Jenna
It's like herding cats trying to get a photo of my family.
Moonlight on the water.
Jenna and her Dadddy
Rowan and Mike being silly at breakfast.
Home again, home again, rushing back and forth but finally getting to Jenna's 13th birthday on Friday the 13th, 2013!   Traditional Dunkin Donuts and Game Stop run in the morning, followed by her Mad Hatter Tea Party on Saturday.
Then we were off to Charlton, immediately afterwards to bring Rowan up for another stint of her Junior Internship at Old Sturbridge Village, celebrate Jenna's birthday with her grandparents and a special ceremony I will be writing about later in the week.
Rowan at one of her favorite work stations at the village.
Hope you are all doing well getting into your own fall routines!


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