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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another Round of Our Life Via Facebook

Jenna: I am 12 and I have no life. I ended my life 3 years ago. When I decided to be an academic....

 Jenna: Santa didn't eat his sandwich and cookie. I mean maybe he was in a hurry... but suck it up and eat the sandwich jerk!

 Me: What is in the huge box?
Dad: Its a Christmas Llama
Dad: No, its not a Llama. Im not telling you.

I said "I am the only one not wearing something christmasy...I feel like the grinch. hair is kinda red..." and so Dad says "Doesn't count grinchypants." *sigh* my family....

Jenna: Knock knock
Me: Whos there?
Jenna: Jenna Elizabeth Borden
Me: Jenna Elizabeth Borden who?
Jenna: Um...I really cant get any more specific than that...

  I called jenna special. She goes "I know. Im just full of great things. Like intestines... And lungs."

Jenna: You and Thomas go together like...bread and butter. No...pickles and peaunt butter?! Fishfingers and Custard. Amy and Rory. The Doctorand the T.A.R.D.I.S. Daleks and the Void! Cybermen, and Ultimate doom.

 Jenna: Pay no attention to the thing behind the curtain.........
Dad: What IS behind the curtain?
Jenna: NOTHING *whips curtain in front of her*
Dad:....Oh.....That is a very loud nothing......

*Dad making homeade popcorn*
Mom: Are you burning the oil...?
Dad: Dont ask questions

Memere: Rowan my ringtone didnt play all the way through!!
Me: Well when you called yourself, did you pick up?
Memere: Oh....Yea. Haha

  "I had an imaginary friends who was a worm. Then he turned on me, and I could not control him. Now I hate all bugs." ~Jenna

  "*SCREAM* *Everyone goes running to Jenna*
Jenna:There is a worm in the sink!!
Dad:Its a millepede.....
Jenna: I am scared of anything that ends with 'epede' or 'orm' or 'ect' or 'ug'. I think that covers anything resembling a bug. *Runs at me to keep her safe from said bug*

Jenna: *muffled shriek*
Mom: There is a bug in the sink....
Jenna: HELLO?? Shrieking? You are supposed to come help me kill the bug...
Dad: How did you know it was a bug Liz?
Mom: Cause that's her "There is a bug in sink" shriek.


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