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Friday, June 22, 2012

Curriculum Choices for 6th and 11th and Highlights from this year..

Where does the time go?  This will be our 11th year homeschooling!

Sixth Grade
I decided on a year of heavier grammar and spelling to solidify her skills after a year of a more Charlotte Mason approach.  So back to tried and true.
Mr. Linney's website has excellent free support materials for his program.  
Includes history, literature and Bible
The Hobbit Literature Guide, Leigh Lowe (note, CBD says it is for 5th, it isn't, it is for 6th grade)  Getting ready for the movie release!!!!

11th Grade
Includes history, literature and Bible
Rod and Staff Grammar 9
She is also teaching herself  Elvish.
Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings

Highlights from this School Year
Rowan's Internship at Old Sturbridge Village, here she is at her favorite station, yarn dying.
 Shakespeare Class
Jenna as Helena for A Midsummer Night's Dream
 Rowan as Lady Macbeth
The Girls as "Dame Joan and Constance" for our 50's themed Much Ado About Nothing
Biology Dissection Labs with friends.


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