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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Memory Lapse

We have a wood-stove.  I grew up with a wood-stove.  I am very familiar with them.
There are always tips and tricks to each individual stove.  The one we have is a workhorse and I love it.  But every once in awhile, it starts to get smokey and it means that the catch out is full and needs to be emptied.  I KNOW this.  But I forget.

The last couple of weeks, it has been smokey but the wood we are using is  little green so I thought nothing of it.
This morning I filled it, closed it and opened it up to get it going.  I asked Rowan to go check and see if it was up to temperature and if it needed to be shut down.  She opened it up to add wood and the next thing I know, it was a little smokier in the house.  No big, happens all the time.  Shortly afterwards, I left with Rowan to go do our volunteer shift at the cat shelter.

An hour later, we got home, I opened the door and could barely see Mike and Jenna on the couch!!!!  His eyes were tearing and the cats were sneezing and logically I said, "What were you thinking just sitting there while the house filled with smoke?"  He replied, "We were doing math, I thought it was a little smokey."  A LITTLE SMOKEY???
Went down and looked closely at the stovepipe and there, right where it goes out the catch-out, smoke was merrily pouring out into the house.  I sent Mike outside to clean it and opened up the entire house to air out the smoke.

Maybe next time I will remember.

= clean catch-out


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