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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Our Valentines days have never been huge and as I happen to think it is one of those crappy made up Hallmark holidays anyway, no big deal.  Sometimes we do cards for each other and sometimes silly little CVS chocolate items and the same for the girls.  This year though, this year was unique.  In keeping with what is our 20th Valentines Day together though, this morning found Michael and I on our knees in the kitchen.

There we were, my beloved and I, in the early morning quiet, together.  
I am rinsing out a facecloth with hot water while he........ trims the fur around the dog's ass because she has a ruptured anal gland!  A smelly, disgusting, bleeding, furry mess. 
We look at each other with disgusted, resigned expressions on our faces, gazing into each others eyes across the dog's butt and the corner's of my mouth start to twitch upwards.  
His eyes start to twinkle and together we said, "Happy Valentine's Day!"  Almost bust a gut laughing.  My hero.
Laughter is good, even if it is border-lining on hysteria.
Happy Valentine's Day.  ;)


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