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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Almost that time of year....

20 day countdown until our Annual Camping Trip.  

Lists are being made, supplies and gear are being checked and I still need to find a house chicken sitter and come up with a budget for it all.

I just read a dear friend's blog wherein she whines writes about the lousy trip she just had camping.  I was completely empathizing until I read this part, "Maybe it was the weird boy peeking in the windows at the showers.  Hold the phone, I thought, people get to camp with showers???
We camp on one of the most wonderful places on God's earth, Washburn Island.  
It is an annual ritual going back many years to camp there with some of our church family.  It is the only place and time that our kids ( and the dog) get to be "free range" kids.   Running in packs they and their friends are free to roam, swim, play, explore, kayak, walk, run, and just be kids.  They come swarming about when their blood sugar gets low to refuel and then they are off again.  
This is the entire reason I go out there every year where there is absolutely NO running water and the ultimate in eco-friendly camping, the composting toilet.  For weeks.  Bathing is generally accomplished most efficiently by leaving a gallon jug of water in the sun in the morning and pouring it here and there, soaping up and rinsing. We have had camping showers up in the past but really, those bags are too heavy to lift for most of us, so the gallon jug is my preferred option.  Apparently, my dear friend camps where there is not only running water but showers, with hot and cold running water!!!!

My friend then grouses writes, "Or the man who had to land his catamaran right on the beach where we were swimming."
I'm immediately reminded of some of the more charming folks who were camping near us last year.  In particular, the heavy drinker who came up the trail between our sites and took a dump right there in the trail, hairy rear sticking out for all our girls to see!!!!  We reported this appalling behavior to the young rangers, who promptly got the old one and then made fun of him as he thoroughly investigated this "scat".
 Continuing on, her blog further complains mentions, "Or the mosquitoes that worked overtime.."  Yeah, we have those too, and these.  
And the stings hurt like crazy!  There have been more than a few injuries over the years caused by these Lion's Mane Jellyfish.  We used a vinegar and water solution last year to little avail, this year we will try a baking soda and water poultice to remove venom left in skin after rinsing with tons of salt water. Someday something ought to work.

She wrote that her sunscreen didn't work, I feel badly about that.  Talk about lousy, you faithfully apply the stuff like you are supposed to and it failed.  No good.  Hope the burn wasn't too bad.  I keep hats and t-shirts on my kids a lot of the time.  Otherwise they will fry.  I loved this look on our youngest last year, she stole my husband's hat. 
  In the end, my friend writes the following, Camping, I will give you another chance next week.  I know, I am a glutton for punishment or someone with serious short term memory loss.  It's for the children.  I'll keep telling myself that."
Bless your heart Terri, I hear you.  The things we do for love. For instance, this year I am trying to figure out how to bring the cat as well as the dog.   I hope your next trip is better dear friend.

I am looking forward to going out there again, spending quality time with my family and some very dear friends.  Every year there are new adventures, new stories and new anecdotes to add to the legend that is Camping. 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless (not really) Wednesday

Yesterday, Ellie and I drove up to Old Sturbridge Village so she could see Rowan doing her thing up  there.  It was 86 on the Cape and 90 in Sturbridge.  Fabulous drive up but getting out of the car was quite an adjustment from the AC to, umm, not.  There was a decent breeze though which kept it from being unbearable, huge blessing that.  
First stop, go find Rowan, she had called to tell me she would be doing Games by the Mill Pond so off we went. She was teaching tourists how to fish, 1838 style.

Shortly thereafter, Rowan went to lunch so we continued our tour of the Village.

My friend Ellie has a great eye for photography, here are some of her photos from the day.
Yours truly.  Humidity is not my friend.
Breakfast at Freeman farm.  Rice fritters and chicken curry mincemeat.
The Miner Grant Store, an oasis of AC in an otherwise insanely hot day.  We bought lemonade and cookies for Rowan and the other interns at the dye station, her gig for the afternoon.  So hot!  Kettles of boiling dye over an open fire with all those clothes on!
Townhouse wallpaper.
All in all, a lovely day spent with a dear friend.  
Home in time to get over to the church for VBS and take another almost 200 photos of the kids having a grant time.
My beloved, hamming it up as, "Rainforest Rick".

Jenny dancing to some rainforest rock.

Happy WW!
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Moving Day

The  Eagle chickens, have landed!  It has been months of work, (Mike's free time is limited) but the Chicken Coop/shed is finally finished.  I have had chickens in my living room long enough!

At last the watermelon box full of stinky chickens was gone from my living room! 
We have been putting them out for the day in the old dog kennel.

The structure itself if gorgeous.  Here it is in all it's glory.  The raised beds are going to be ripped up and removed but we are keeping the trellis on the right and moving it, roses and all to against the front of the coop where I think it will look wonderful.  The door is made out of the part of the deck we ripped up and unseen on the side is a window and a chicken door.
Mike built 6 nest boxes for them and here on the left you can see the window and chicken door.  The ceiling is wired so they can't fly out into the shed side of the structure.
Here they go, big day for little chickens.  We have 5 Plymouth Barred Rock and one Ameraucana.
Home Sweet Home.  Only one last thing to get done and that is to build their run.
You can see photos of the building process here if you like and photos of the day we got the baby chicks here.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordfilled Wednesday: Boston Museum of Science Trip

Jenna's favorite souvenir.
 Butterfly Garden
I love the sense of humor that someone clearly has.
Big Moose
Waiting in line for the simulator.
We got on the road at 9am, first stop, Dunkin Donuts, 'cause we are Cape Codders.
Easy trip up, arriving at the Museum of Science about 10:30, we parked in the MOS parking garage.  Thanks to the library passes we picked up Saturday, admission was only $5 each.  Another $5 each for the Butterfly Garden and half my budget was gone already!  The BG was worth it though, what fun.  I have been to more than a few butterfly gardens and they never, ever get old.  Too beautiful, a feast for the eyes and soul, there is wonder in a butterfly garden unlike anywhere else.

Jenna was wired for sound and wanted to see everything, all at once.  In fact, when we left at 7pm, she was just as excited as she was when we arrived. 
Following the BG we headed straight for the Lightning show with the world's largest air-insulated Van de Graaff generator.  It was absolutely fabulous, we could have watched it again and again. We kept waiting to hear the theme song from The Sorcerer's Apprentice but the William Tell Overture finale was good too.  A little something like this....
We checked out some more exhibits until lunch, ate at the Cafe, hit the gift shop and bought overpriced souvenirs wiping out the remainder of the budget, but hey, that was what I had $$ for in the first place.  (Thanks Mom) We purchased a Newton's Cradle and mints for Rowan and a tiny vial of Alaskan gold and Dinosaur Putty for Jenna.
Aimee and Jenna wanted to go to the Planetarium and Jenna and I to the Science Live show so we split up and off we went.  Front row center we waited, watching a woman set up, getting more excited by the minute.  (well, one of us anyway)
She did a lot of fun stuff in a presentation called Supercold Science.  Jenna is going to blog about it, so I won't, but we were so glad we caught that show!

She and I then headed off to explore some more while we waited for Aimee and Rowan.  She met and chatted at length with a scientist who was testing water from the Charles River while I sat and read a bit and rested. 
Meeting back up with the rest of the gang we explored all that we had not yet seen and towards closing time, made our way back to the garage and home. It was a great day to be in air conditioning, it was 88 still when we left Boston.  The ride home was as easy as the trip up and the company was fantastic.  It was a great day.

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