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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wild Weather

I have friends in areas that are being devastated by tornadoes and hail and all the other extreme weather and I went to bed praying for their safety.  I don't know if it made me hypersensitive to the weather outside my own window or if it really was as crazy as it sounded.

It is, at last, warm enough to throw my bedroom window wide and I did so as I got into bed last night.  It was very windy and the wind chimes were chiming and I fell asleep, soothed, as I often do.

Not very much later, the wind took a strange turn in character.  It was more violent, angry, swooping and swooshing with whip-like cracks. I lay there listening and very much awake.  Eventually I decided my nerves were no longer being soothed by the tinkling of the chimes, rather, every last nerve was on edge as the were slashed at into cacophony by the belligerent wind.
I finally got out of bed, stomped downstairs, out the door and laid the stupid things on the ground.  Thinking of the coyotes that were stalking about just the other evening,  I ran hell bent for leather back into the house only just keeping Percy Jackson from whipping out the door.  Feet cold and wet, heart racing, I adjusted the windows and got back in bed.

 It then became a slightly comedic battle between the wind, the cats and I to find the right balance of open window, but not to much.  Too much in the front and PJ could possibly push the screen out and get on the roof.  Twice I got up, peeled him off the screen and adjusted the window. Too much by the bed and he could rip the screen right out and tumble to the ground.  I didn't want to deal with either scenario. I'd already been outside one too many times.
 The wind was still howling and raging, I closed the window by my head and the relief of the quiet was palpable.  As I lay, at last drifting back to sleep, I heard, creeeak.  And then,  creeeaaaakkkk,  whomp! and the window blew open from some sort of weird pressure related freaky wind thing.  I got up again, vehemently cranked it closed, and jammed down the lock.

I don't know what time is was that I finally got to sleep.  What I do know, is that I decidedly did not get enough sleep.  And the wind is still storming.  I am thankful I am not hearing tornado sirens or live in an area with such dangers and my heart is with my friends who do.  I am thankful to find the humor in the weather here even while I keep my friends in prayer.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to Work

Our dear friends are home, safe and sound on Danish soil.  It was so strange to wake up without them here this morning.  We will miss them terribly.

I am back onto the Weight Watcher's bandwagon as I willfully and deliberately ignored point values over the last week or so while we were on vacation. Life is too short to not indulge sometimes.  Plus, I made sea salt caramels with this recipe and adding a teaspoon of a really nice sea salt and grating some on top before it sets.

The girls are back to life as normal with school and chores this morning.  Jenna is almost done with all of her subjects and Rowan is closing in fast on most things and will finish in June.  She will be doing biology later into the summer due to an interruption in her schedule for her internship at Old Sturbridge Village.  I always wish we could be done once they complete the standardized testing for the year, it makes sense to me.  Oh,  if they only knew how many days I didn't want to do school either.  I love it, don't get me wrong, but there are things I would dearly love to be doing more of, like writing, blogging, studying for my own education and getting lessons plans done for next year so I can take a summer break too.  All in it's time. 

This morning started with a continuation of something we learned last evening.  For going on 4 years now, my husband has spearheaded a ministry dear to his heart, a worship on the beach service.  It is a real low key, after the beach closes at 5pm, lovely way to end a Sunday on Cape Cod in the summer. Mike plays guitar, some folks lead some praise and worship songs, short message and then everyone plays and swims and has beach type fun.
This year, a group of a dozen or so has petitioned to stop them. 
Our local news-rag has hyped the heck out of it and the loonys are off and running (their mouths).  This morning it is all over the local news and the hot topic on local talk radio. 
This is my absolute favorite quote from the article, ."Is the same spot available to others? Is this aimed at advancing one church or faith? What if the chess club wants to have a beach tournament?" Policinski said.
Indeed, what would the world be coming to if we allow the Chess Club to have a beach tournament????????  You almost don't have to read the rest to see that coherency and logic have gone out the window.  I'm not worried, you can't fix stupid and God is on His throne.

Time to get out of here and take Rowan to PT and pick up a few groceries, then come back and finish school.   Back to work.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

“If there ever comes a day when we can't be together keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever”  ~Winnie the Pooh
We have had a wonderful, wonderful week.  Our dear friends from Denmark arrived late Friday night and we had a fabulous weekend getting reacquainted as we always do.
 More work on the chicken coop went on a number of days and the sun shone for a bit here and there.  Our friends were off to NYC for a few days while we had our annual standardized testing.  The kids feel that they did well and I am sure they did.
  Adventures in shopping, Ninja Tag, chicken coop building, cooking and eating together, hanging out and about, we've had a grand time.  Jenna and Jonas discovered Plants vs, Zombies and we hung out with the Blanton's and watched 2 new "B" movies and laughed uproariously watching Moby Dick 2010 and Megashark vs. Crocasaurus. 

Baking for Easter, round one of hot cross buns became round two as we devoured more and more over the past few days.    Last evening Ellie and I spent some quality time waiting for a tow truck to come and unlock her rental car, she had left the keys in the trunk when she went for a run.  It was nice to just hang out alone, the two of us.   Today was good news from my Mike's sister, more shopping, egg dying with Aimee and a batch of sea salt caramel because my Mom loves it. :)

Tomorrow is the sunrise service on Surf Drive Beach, breakfast with the church family and off to Elaine and Dave's for Easter supper with my family.

He is risen!!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday April 18, 2011


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Life As Written on Rowan's Facebook Profile, April Edition

Me: you gave me your stupid cold. Thanks...
Dad: Sorry...and I think its a pretty smart cold. It keeps changing...
Duct tape has many uses. Apparently, one of them is duct taping your shirt back together from the inside, because your cat likes to attack your laundry basket....
I can finally see the floor of my room!!!! Now to put that mountain of clothing away... Okay Mom you were right, it did look like a yard sale threw up in my room.
 Mom *walking past my room* "HOLY CRAP!! You have a FLOOR????"
Okay I get it. It was time to clean it.....And I did. You may stop now. :-p
I love how my art book, is teaching me to draw with color and how to blend and shade, in black and white. Yea, because that is helpful.....
Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
Rowan: brb.
I am back
Darrian: Welcome back. I made some changes while you were gone. the world
Rowan: I am not sure how I feel about that…what kind of changes?
Darrian: like..Gravity, the sea, the seasons, history, language
...Little things
You shouldn't notice too much
I'm not hungry! I had like 1,252 cookies!!!!! ~Jenna (in reality she had like 5)
"Rowan you are like a platypus. God had fun making you." ~Jenna
Oh how I love my sarcastic, teasing, sometimes mean, funny little sis.
There is an option on Google Earth for street view. Like, it looks like you are standing in front of the house. And like into the house.......CREEPY very cool yet CREEPY Dude can you say Skynet!!!!!!!!!! Its taking over!!!!!!
Mike is not a fan of Facebook. Facebook is stupid. ~Dad
By the second star!! I'm evil! ~Jenna
Jenna: tastes like crap...
Mom: yea that's penicillin for ya. its basically made of mold.
Jenna: You HAD to tell me that??!!!
Mom: well its clean mold....
Jenna: MOM!!! Rowan DARED play Justin Bieber to get me out of her room!!
Mom: Oh that is just wrong!!!!!
Me: *changes to Skillet now that she is gone*


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Review

"In a time of malice he was not malicious; in a time of lies he did not falsify; in a time of great pressure he didn't bend or break; in a time of disingenuousness he was clear and candid about where he stood and why.  And in a time when people just gave up after awhile and changed the subject, he remained on the field for the long haul."

I had seen this book on a number of reading lists of people whom I admire and so it has been on my "to read" shelf for some time.  I knew when I read this quote, that this was a book that I wanted to review well and from my heart.
When Character Was King, by Peggy Noonan
I have always admired Ronald Reagan.  He stands out in my memory and in my heart as a great man who always reminded me just a little bit of my grandfather.  His voice I can bring to mind in an instant, whereas the tone and timbre of most other presidents of my lifetime I would have to struggle to recall.  (and some I would prefer to forget)
I was never a fan of Nancy, though looking back now I see, to a large extent, not only did I give little grace to her but I also fell for the mass media's caricature of who she was and I am sorry for that.

Every once in a long while, there is a book that touches my heart in deep and unexpected ways.  This was one of those.  I believe that it is, perhaps, a combination of factors that made this so.  Not the least of which is that Peggy Noonan is a gifted writer who knew and worked for Ronald Reagan.
I was 15 when he was elected, 16 when he was shot and 23 when he left office.  He was president in the years when I began to think about and care about politics to any degree.  
I saw him handle national safety issues with authority, national disasters with compassion, foreign relations with a firm stance and an assurance of who were as a nation.  I grew up during the height of the Cold War, when the nuclear arms and capabilities of the USSR were a clear and present danger.  Ronald Reagan, seizing opportunity as the leadership of the "evil empire" changed, went from firm to diplomatic to historic agreements with Gorbachev and the world became a less frightening place.  President Reagan was a leader who made me proud to be an American citizen.

"Years ago, thinking about his humor, I said it seemed to me that wit penetrates and humor envelops, that wit seems a function of verbal intelligence while humor is imagination operating on good nature.  I still think that, and think Reagan was a man of abundant humor with a great appreciation for comedy."
I loved this quote as well and dog-earred the page to return to when writing this review, as a did to page after page, only later recalling that it was a library book.  I think this was a great part of the reason that Ms. Noonan and other biographers were hard pressed to find a single individual, even those politically opposed to him, that disliked Ronald Reagan.

He had it right in so many way, reading some of his speeches now, brings tears to my eyes as I wonder how things have gone so wrong now.  The speech that was televised October 27th, 1954, when he was stumping for Barry Goldwater, remains one of his finest.
I quote it here extensively because it is so deeply relevant for today.

"I believe that the issues confronting us cross party lines.  
No nation in history has ever survived a tax burden that reached a third of it's national income.  Today, thirty-seven cents out of every dollar earned in this country is the tax collector's share, and yet our government continues to spend seventeen million dollars a day more than the government takes in...
The idea that the government is beholden to the people, that it has no other source of power except the sovereign people, is still the newest and most unique idea in all the long history of man's relation to man.  This is the issue of this election: whether we belive in our capacity for self- government or whether we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far distant capital can plan our lives for us better than wee can plan them ourselves.  
You and I are increasingly told that we have to choose between a left or a right.  There is only an up or down: up to man's age-old dream-- the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order--or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism.  And regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarianism motives, those who would trade our freedom for security have embarked on this downward course."

And the brilliant Westminster Speech so starkly contrasted by current president Obama's "Apology Tour".  The United States under Ronald Reagan was a time of recovered and renewed economy and morale.

It wraps up for me in his own address as he spoke to the nation for the final time as President of the United States.  " ..that's what it was to be an American in the 1980's.  We stood, again, for freedom.  I know we always have, but in the past few years the world again, and in a way ourselves, rediscovered it."

Ms. Noonan puts it thus, beautifully, "He had courage.  He always tried to do what he thought was right.  And when doing what was right demanded from him great effort or patience or tenacity, or made his the focus of unending attacks and criticism, he summoned from within the patience and the tenacity and the courage to face it all.  To face it down.  And when his great work was finished he left and went peacefully home.
These are among the things that made him for an ordinary man, but a most extraordinary man indeed."

As a tribute to a man and a record of a time entirely gone, it would behoove you to read this book.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

New Yorker Magazine always has the best cartoons.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday April 6, 2011

This is for you guys, you know who you are and I love you.  xo


Friday, April 1, 2011

Part 2: July 15th 2011

The end of a decade long, beloved phenomenon is coming to a close.  I'm not ready to say goodbye.

More of my posts on Harry 


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