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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Beginning of the Week "Wrap-Up"

Having missed the end of the week wrap-up, I thought I would approach it backwards.
It is supposed to snow again Tuesday into Wednesday but there is no point at looking at a forecast, it hasn't been right all winter.
My goals for this week.

For 4th Grade
Start the Famous Men of Greece student text from Memoria Press.
Continue reading Black Ships Before Troy and hopefully finish it.
Continue with D'Aulaire's Norse Myths for National Mythology Exams.
Continue working on Math Whizz to solidify her skills, she is a few chapters ahead in BJU Math 4.
Complete Chapter 11 in BJU Grammar 4 and move on to Chapter 12, The Research Report.
Finish Chapter 5 in Abeka Science 5, study for and take test.

These days I feel it best to let her sleep until she wakes up, makes for a much better day.  In her free time she is working on making movies with her Flipshare videos though I have got to find a better software program, it is awful!   She made dessert last night, chocolate covered pretzels, which was awesome!  She is a whiz with the breadmaker too, she made a fabulous french bread to go with the spaghetti dinner she made for us on Friday night.  The DS game du jour is Rune Factory 3 and on the PC, Wizard 101.  She is listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks for the 2nd time through and is on Half Blood Prince and is busily making Valentine's Day Cards as well.  She is reading her way through the Percy Jackson books for the 4th time as well.

9th Grade
Jacob's Geometry 2nd edition Finishing Chapter 2 and taking test (she just started Geometry after finishing the 2nd semester of BJU Algebra 1.)
Continuing in Herodotus for Omnibus.
We are skipping a couple of secondary readings until she is done with Material Logic in 3 weeks then picking them back up.
Finishing Chapter 13 in World History, A Human Odyssey.
Getting through Chapter 5 in Galore Park Latin.
Art of the Ancient World continuing in DK, Art A History and projects in God and the History of Art.
And she should be wrapping up Chapter 5 in BJU Online Biology

In the meantime she is busy with rehearsals for the February Kidz Klub live skit, sketching dragons, practicing piano, (but not as often as she should), incessantly singing and hopefully, finding the floor to her room this week.
This weekend we are heading up to Charlton for her interview at Old Sturbridge Village for a junior intern position.  Exciting stuff.  There is going to be a sleigh rally, should be a grand time. 

My goals for this week:
Finish the lap blanket I am making for a friend, these huge needles are killing my arms.
I am plowing through Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books and am going to finish the last two and then figure out what to read next.  I reviewed them on my 100+ Reading Challenge page.
I will be turning 46 tomorrow, Mike bought and installed a hanger for my tv to go on the wall, I love it there.  I had a fabulous lunch Saturday with my sisters, my Mom and my niece and nephew at the British Beer Company.   I love that place.  I have received some treasured cards from some wonderful friends and bought myself a game I didn't have yet with my Mom's present.  Mom also got me a sweatshirt from our favorite catalog, Bas Bleu.  If you don't get it or haven't seen it, go here now.  You'll want to.  
I am waiting to get our taxes back some time this week to get some stuff for next year.  We've decided against BJU for Chemistry.  After a ton of research we are going with The Spectrum.  As it is pretty pricey we are going to order it now with the tax return money, while we have it. 

So that is my Weekly Wrap-up.  Maybe it's better this way, at the end of the week I can look back and see how we did.

Finally, I will leave you with a bit of humor, I took this video with my new phone yesterday.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still Life

Percy Jackson is quite the cooperative subject for this painting project.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

With Love

One of my oldest friends suffered a catastrophic loss last week and I have not been able to get it out of my mind.  Her husband was cycling with team members and there was loose gravel.  He lost traction in it, hit a car and was then hit by another and killed.
And just like that, in the blink of an eye, life as she knew, it was over. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing anyone can do or say to make it better.

I have cried on and off and have been in fervent prayer for strength and peace for my friend.
I wish my sister and I could be with her to support her but that isn't possible.  I long more than anything to wrap my arms around her in silent support because there truly are no words.  Nothing anyone can say.  

So my friend, to quote Winnie the Pooh,
If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together.. there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. but the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. I'll always be with you.”


Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

It's hard to believe it is Friday already.  This week absolutely flew by.
Monday my new phone came and I spent the next 2 days pretty much doing little else but tricking it out my way.  (I now have a rooted Samsung Vibrant).  If you are a techno geek like I am, there is more info here.  Getting the phone was a whole other story but suffice it to say, it cost me a grand total of $5.30 and I now have an ongoing love affair with T-Mobile's Customer Loyalty Department.  I assume my children were doing school, I didn't see them all day.  Thank heavens I make compulsively organized assignment sheets.
Tuesday after school Jenna had a friend over and I managed to get Rowan to her piano lesson at 4:30 so I apparently I did surface once in awhile from the XDA forums and my computer.

Last Thursday,  a friend handed me a huge bag of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books and reading much later than usual at night, I am almost done with book 3.  I have reviewed them here, just scroll down till you see them.  (Note, as usual, don't judge a book by it's television show, it is dreadful.)

Wednesday I left the house at 7am to drive through the slushy mess that was left overnight to get to the ER where I spent the day with my sister, who, come to find out, has pleurisy.  Gave the girls a snow-day, everyone else was off anyway.

Yesterday, after Jenna finished school, she got out her new cake decorating equipment and did her first cake, for her friend Isaac's birthday.  
 I took her and the cake over to his house and ran off to play personal shopper for my sick sister.  Took flowers, a humidifier and lots of her favorite drinks and smoothies to her and set everything up.  The cats were particularly thrilled with the campanula plant I brought her.

Mike worked like a dog ridding driveways of the ice.  He went through 2 pairs of gloves using the scraper.
Today, as it turns out,  is Friday.  I have checked in with Rowan's lessons, she is on track for the week, doing Herodotus and Dawn Treader in Omnibus.  She is on Chapter 11 in Material Logic, and almost finished with it.  Rowan is on Chapter 12 in Speilvogel's Human Odyssey, Chapter 5 in the ever slowly moving BJU online Biology class and Lesson 51 in Latin.  She is doing well with Jacob's Geometry which we have just begun, having finished Algebra 1 in December.  Social butterfly that she is I have to drop her at a friend house after school for the evening.

Jenna is doing very well too.  She is almost done reading Haddasah, we are embarking into our study of Greece next week.  BJU Math is on track and we have added in Math Whiz tutoring for her and it is already of great benefit.  Also doing math fact copywork since flashcards were not getting it done with Jenny.  She is in unit 10 in Building Spelling Skills,  Lesson 102 in BJU English 4, Chapter 5 in Understanding God's World and review chapter 10 in Latin for Children A.   She is also blogging weekly on her blog.   Jenny is also having fun with her new Flip camera making videos and mini-movies.  We need to find a different program than the one is came with, the interface is ghastly.   She is having a friend over for the night.

There is a new addition to our music room/library.  Here is something you don't see everyday....
It is 15 degrees out, according to the Weatherbug on my new phone and the wood-stove is cranking.  It is harder for it to catch up in the morning when it is this cold so much as I loathe it, the thermal curtains are still shut.  I have a turkey soup on the stove that hopefully we will be able to enjoy this time as something other than blog fodder. 
I am hoping to settle in after school for a nice weekend of reading and staying warm.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Our life as per a random sampling of our daughter's Facebook statuses........

"Mom: is it done cooking mike?
Dad: is it done defrosting?
mom: I hope so! I cooked it!
Dad: did you cook it because you thought it was, or because you were tired of waiting?
Mom: ......
...Dad: I know that was a legitimate question because you did not answer!!"
"You know it is time to head to the basement when your mother is repremanding the frozen turkey."
 "Jenna: But no one ever showed me the magical light switch!
Me: Jenna stop flashing the lights!
Jenna: im not. I am just trying to not get blown up!!"
"Rowan Borden *randomly bursts out singing and ignores the looks she is getting for interrupting the TV*"
"Mom: why is it so quiet?
Me: Because Jenna is gone?
Dad: no Rowan. Because you have food in your mouth."
"My laptop just attacked my face......."
 "Dad is using a interesting accent saying "yumm Chicken Fingar" wow. My family is awesome."
"Thank you show, for showing a floating mutilated baby penguin carcass, and making my sister cry. Cause i needed to see that............."
"Why does you cat only have 3 feet? Because we have a really big Venus Fly Trap! ~Dad welcome to my Family..........."
"I just pulled like 40 stickers off my leg....thanks sis"
"Mr Blanton: Teenagers are so quiet, always plugged into electronics and gadgets.
Me: I may be on my laptop, but i sure am making a heck of a lot of noise.
Mom, Dad and Jenna: haha YA she does!!!
Me: gee thanks. Not what i meant...."
And my personal favorite....
"Rowan is eying me strangely, so I am writing a will. ~Jenna my crazy 10yr old sister. :)"


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Compounding the Error.....

 Last week I was sick so I made a batch of turkey soup.  A huge, beautiful, nutritious kettle of the best cold medicine in the world.  It has tons of onions and garlic and tomato and spinach and it smelled heavenly.
Error 1. I was so sick that I forgot it and left it on the stove overnight. 

Error 2. Pissed off at myself, I put it out in the snow on the deck to stay cold.
It went bad.
Very bad.

No longer smelling anything other than utterly rancid, I didn't know what the hell to do with it.  Too much to flush and if we dump it in the woods, the stupid dog would get into it.
Error 3. Mike goes and gets a contractor's trash bag and we dump it in there and put it outside to freeze so that we can dispose of it properly.  Frozen solid, it went into the trash barrel.

Tuesday was trash pick up day.  Saturday and Sunday had been warm.  Really warm.  
When Mike got home from work he got out of the truck at the bottom of the driveway to put the barrels in the truck and bring up.  

Error 4. As he always does, he slung the barrel over his shoulder and into the truck bed..... bathing himself in a wave of incredibly odoriferous thawed turkey-ish slop.
Live and learn.

My sister called after we had thrown the soup out and when I told her about it, I must have sounded more than slightly pathetic.  She showed up a few hours later with all the fixin's for me to make anther batch of soup.  My sister rocks.  


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