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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I love this time of year.  Still lots of time to work with to make Christmas presents, enough to enjoy the making.  The girls and I are very excited this year.  We have some super secret present plans and the materials are on the way!  I have my own projects, both knitted and sewn that I am excited about too.  Thought I would share in case anyone needs ideas this year too.

I am removing my auto-send feature for this post so my family won't see it.  I am doing this so that you too can benefit from the ideas we are so excited about.  So, if you see my family members, shhhh!!

Project One:
Glass Tile Jewelery
The girls and I are making these for lots of people, the ideas are infinite and we are so excited.  We bought materials for earrings, necklaces and key-chains to do with these.  I saw some on Etsy I really wanted last year, then found a DYI here.  The Hybrid Chick.
Here is an Etsy page with tons of examples.  We bought our supplies here.
Ours are going to be mostly book themed.  Like this example made at this Etsy Shop..
Project Two:
Knitted Projects 
I am in love with my new mad skills on DPNS and the Magic Loop method of knitting small diameters.  I am on a roll making tons of mittens and fingerless mitts.  These I adore.  

I am using Plymouth Yarn, DreamBaby DK on size 5's and I am making the small size which are perfect for most of us.  The link is for the pattern on Ravelry but I was fortunate to have stashed away the original which has different sizes of the pattern.  I would love to play with some Cascade Cloud 9 with these too.  Super simple and so beautiful!  This is the first one I made.
I've made and had requests for these too, Vanilla Frappe Fingerless Gloves so I am doing more of these too.  Simple, done up on straight needles and seamed up the size, your choice of decorations makes these really stand out.  (see how hard I was avoiding dpns?)
These are a Galway yarn with antique buttons from an old Scandinavian sweater.
 Jenna's have a shorter cuff and no buttons.  Hers are cotton.
 Bella's Mittens for my Twilight loving daughter.  These were it.  The project I HAD to make.  My fear of DPNS, my intimidation of and by the Magic Loop Method, cables and thumb gussets were in full on crazy but I did it!  I did have to undo the first one about 4 times and the 2nd as well when I couldn't undo a cable row, but I made them.  They aren't perfect but they are lovely and I hope she loves them.  (I would use smaller dpns for the thumbs if I had any to use at the time.)
Project the Third
Major score on some stunning wool sweaters at the thrift shop yesterday.  These are so beautiful but SO 80's you could never wear them so home they came and I felted them last night.  Going to make gorgeous over mitts and mittens for more presents!
Here are some places with patterns and more recycled sweater ideas.

I wanted to package our gifts in some nice way and didn't want to spend more money.
Thanks to Pinterest I found a DYI origami box and made tons of them!  They are so cute!!


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