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Monday, October 3, 2011

Away for the Weekend

We had a wonderful time at Old Sturbridge Village this weekend.  Though the weather was fairly lousy, off we went for the day on Saturday.  It was Friends Day too, which, if you are a member, means some fun things like raffles and such. 

The whole family really enjoyed watching the Cider Mill in action.  They had one of the oxen yoked to it and around and around he went working the gears that ground of barrel after barrel of apples.  It smelled incredible.
Later, we went to a "tasting" of the heirloom varieties of apples they grow at the Village and around Massachusetts.  My favorite was one that tasted pear-like, crunchy and delicious.  I forget it's name though, dang it, can't find my list they gave me.
 Jenna got to make a pot with the potter this time around, she had a wonderful time and he said he would fire it for her.  If it doesn't break or get lost, we'll pick it up next visit!
Off we headed for a talk given by the President of OSV, a man I admire greatly for what he has done to revive the place.  When it came time for the raffle, we won on the ticket Mike had found in the mud!!  This is the photo I took of our prize package  A lovely tin punch lantern, 2 of the redware mugs I love and a candle holder.  We were thrilled.
Sunday, another crappy day weather-wise,  was St. Ann's Autumn Bazaar.  
Off we went and purchased a ton of tickets for raffle prizes.  They had so many wonderful baskets up for grabs!  Baskets of everything you can imagine, all lovely.  Jenny won the basket of dog toys and treats.  St. Ann's also happens to hold an icon museum and as we had just studied the Byzantine Era, we were delighted to show the girls some of the gorgeous items they had from that period. I am rather fond the of Russian icons myself.
We left Rowan behind for the next stint in her Junior Internship at the Village and headed home.  Back in two weeks to pick her up and for Harvest Days!!


Becky,  October 4, 2011 at 8:06 AM  

It was wonderful seeing you this weekend. I'm so glad everyone had such a good time! Your photos are lovely, as always!

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