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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good
I am absolutely thrilled with my Weight Watchers/Wii combo.  Yesterday, I was able to not only get on but actually button those size 14 jeans that have been hanging over my door waiting for me!!  They are not exactly comfy yet but that is some serious progress people!

The Bad, albeit a teeny bit hilarious. 
Last night from the bathroom there was a scream of epic proportions followed by running and sobbing.
There was a red centipede in the bathroom under the cups when Jenna went to brush her teeth.
Now, saying this kid is bug phobic would be a massive understatement.  She absolutely refused to go back in, brushed her teeth in the kitchen, used my bathroom and when I went into her, she was minutely inspecting her pajamas for bugs before donning them and muttering, " I hate everything that ends in "pede" and "erm" and "ect".  She slept in our bed declaring she would never use the bathroom again.
Naturally, Mike and Rowan were killing themselves with suppressed laughter and barely restraining comments like, "sweet dreams Jenna, don't let the bedbugs bite".  I could have killed them.
So this morning Mike tells me he looked up this criminally minded bug on Google and informs me that those dang things can actually bite and hurt!  We will not be mentioning this to Jenna.
The Ugly.
Rowan's Lyme medication, like Becky's chemo meds are now on back-order until December.  The generic version as well.  Now I have to scramble to get on the horn to our doctor and find out what she wants to switch her to and get it so that she has pills with her when we leave tomorrow for the next part of her internship.  SO frustrating!!!  We finally get her diagnosed and on an antibiotic protocol and now we have to start again!!

On the plus side, the weather is gorgeous, albeit a tad damp and we are going to see family this weekend.  Keeping it in perspective as best I can.


Melissa October 1, 2011 at 8:53 PM  

I just came across your blog, while looking through an old Carnival of Homeschooling from March. I've been enjoying reading your posts! My daughter is also 15, so it's nice to find a blog with another homeschool girl the same age! I hope you'll stop by my blog if you get the chance. Look forward to following your future posts!

~Melissa (

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