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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Very Wordy Wednesday

This week I got a chance to do something that in all my 46 years, I had never done before.  I went on an overnight get-a-way with my Mom, just the two of us.
We went up to see Rowan doing her junior internship thing at Old Sturbridge Village and we had an absolute blast.  Leaving all our cares, pets, kids and husbands behind, up we drove Monday morning to arrive at the Village in good order.  The weather was perfect and there was my mother in law who played tour guide for us for the day, an unexpected pleasure and delight.
Freeman Farm was first, it was Rowan's morning station.  We ambled up there enjoying everything through Mom's eyes. 
Here is Rowan in front of the Freeman farmhouse checking to make sure there is no chick in the egg she is about to use to make Cupcake.  Apparently,  it freaks out the tourists if they crack one and there is a developing chick inside. 
I love this one.
We walked her to lunch and then had a lovely meal ourselves at the Bullard Tavern.  Interns have to eat upstairs so we didn't get to spend time with her but it was still nice.
 Her second station for the day was my favorite, the dye station.  As her Mom, it was a little nerve-wracking watching her pick up a huge, heavy, cast iron pot from over the fire and carry them with her apron as a pot holder, but I was so proud of her.
Here she is straining the sage out of the dye so that it doesn't get flecks of it on the yarn.  It smelled heavenly and standing over that all day would give you a nice steamy facial.
The dark green is the color they were making that day, aren't these gorgeous!!
She has learned so much!  Rowan explained that they were slowly heating up the wool to that when they put it into the hot dye, it wouldn't felt.  I hadn't even thought of that.

More of the Village to see, off we went.  Had a fabulous time on the River Ride.  It is one of my very favorite things to do on a hot day.  The peaceful, wonderful interlude on the river is always welcome.  We saw one single white water-lily, so lovely and tons of the yellow variety.  We had our own private ride with only the three of us and our driver, Tim.  Laconic folk, some of those Village people but very, very funny.
We arrived at last at the Herb Gardens on the way out.  I knew my Mom would adore them and so she did.  They are truly spectacular. ( Good job B!!)
We finally left the village to check in to our lodgings for the evening.  We stayed at the Publick House and it was lovely.  A large room, 2 queen size beds, gorgeous maroon and white toile wallpaper, some decent reproduction furniture and a balcony facing the woods that would have been fine if one were wearing 100% DEET.   All the toile made me think of a dear friend who would have loved it.  (Missing you Jenn)
 Dropped off our stuff and went to explore some shops before finding somewhere to have supper.  We found the most amazing antique shop to explore, had a grand time exploring all the treasures.  A shop called the Handmaiden was utterly enchanting and it was the gracious proprietor that suggested we dine at the Oxhead Tavern.  Off we went to find it and had a really nice and inexpensive dinner lakeside deciding on the spot that we would stay at the adjoining hotel next time we came.
Back to our lodging, phone calls to home, a long, wonderful chatty evening and we went to sleep to the sound of the rain outside.

Next morning dawned reluctantly and wet but it didn't dampen our spirits as coffee was to be had and off we went. We had our caffeine, texted the family, checked Facebook and ate in the tavern downstairs.  We had some time to kill before the Village opened and wandered about the Bake Shoppe afterwards.  Mom bought almost one of everything to bring home and a treat to slip to Rowan for her dessert and off we went again.  The weather was spitting and chilly and there were puddles but it cleared up towards the end of our day.  I didn't bring my camera due to the rain but I had the camera on my phone.  My mother in law was working at the Asa Knight store so we checked in with her to say hi and find out where Rowan was stationed.  Here she is knitting with yarn of the color Rowan was dying
Off we went back to the farm by way of the covered bridge, lumber mill, where an  interesting young man told us all sorts of stories.  We checked out the carding mill, the grist mill and a short bit later, as the sky lightened considerably, we arrived once again at the farm to see Rowan in action.  Today she was making rice fritters and roasting coffee beans, among other things.  There were tons of school groups there.
We said our goodbyes and off we went to finish our tour of the Village and then, somewhat reluctantly, we headed homeward.  It was a very special and all too short couple of days.

You can read more about Rowan's adventures on her blog, 


Julie July 6, 2011 at 9:51 AM  

I love going to place likes this. Dying yarn, frying squirrel, how much better can you get? ;)

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