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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wild Weather

I have friends in areas that are being devastated by tornadoes and hail and all the other extreme weather and I went to bed praying for their safety.  I don't know if it made me hypersensitive to the weather outside my own window or if it really was as crazy as it sounded.

It is, at last, warm enough to throw my bedroom window wide and I did so as I got into bed last night.  It was very windy and the wind chimes were chiming and I fell asleep, soothed, as I often do.

Not very much later, the wind took a strange turn in character.  It was more violent, angry, swooping and swooshing with whip-like cracks. I lay there listening and very much awake.  Eventually I decided my nerves were no longer being soothed by the tinkling of the chimes, rather, every last nerve was on edge as the were slashed at into cacophony by the belligerent wind.
I finally got out of bed, stomped downstairs, out the door and laid the stupid things on the ground.  Thinking of the coyotes that were stalking about just the other evening,  I ran hell bent for leather back into the house only just keeping Percy Jackson from whipping out the door.  Feet cold and wet, heart racing, I adjusted the windows and got back in bed.

 It then became a slightly comedic battle between the wind, the cats and I to find the right balance of open window, but not to much.  Too much in the front and PJ could possibly push the screen out and get on the roof.  Twice I got up, peeled him off the screen and adjusted the window. Too much by the bed and he could rip the screen right out and tumble to the ground.  I didn't want to deal with either scenario. I'd already been outside one too many times.
 The wind was still howling and raging, I closed the window by my head and the relief of the quiet was palpable.  As I lay, at last drifting back to sleep, I heard, creeeak.  And then,  creeeaaaakkkk,  whomp! and the window blew open from some sort of weird pressure related freaky wind thing.  I got up again, vehemently cranked it closed, and jammed down the lock.

I don't know what time is was that I finally got to sleep.  What I do know, is that I decidedly did not get enough sleep.  And the wind is still storming.  I am thankful I am not hearing tornado sirens or live in an area with such dangers and my heart is with my friends who do.  I am thankful to find the humor in the weather here even while I keep my friends in prayer.


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