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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Life As Written on Rowan's Facebook Profile, April Edition

Me: you gave me your stupid cold. Thanks...
Dad: Sorry...and I think its a pretty smart cold. It keeps changing...
Duct tape has many uses. Apparently, one of them is duct taping your shirt back together from the inside, because your cat likes to attack your laundry basket....
I can finally see the floor of my room!!!! Now to put that mountain of clothing away... Okay Mom you were right, it did look like a yard sale threw up in my room.
 Mom *walking past my room* "HOLY CRAP!! You have a FLOOR????"
Okay I get it. It was time to clean it.....And I did. You may stop now. :-p
I love how my art book, is teaching me to draw with color and how to blend and shade, in black and white. Yea, because that is helpful.....
Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
Rowan: brb.
I am back
Darrian: Welcome back. I made some changes while you were gone. the world
Rowan: I am not sure how I feel about that…what kind of changes?
Darrian: like..Gravity, the sea, the seasons, history, language
...Little things
You shouldn't notice too much
I'm not hungry! I had like 1,252 cookies!!!!! ~Jenna (in reality she had like 5)
"Rowan you are like a platypus. God had fun making you." ~Jenna
Oh how I love my sarcastic, teasing, sometimes mean, funny little sis.
There is an option on Google Earth for street view. Like, it looks like you are standing in front of the house. And like into the house.......CREEPY very cool yet CREEPY Dude can you say Skynet!!!!!!!!!! Its taking over!!!!!!
Mike is not a fan of Facebook. Facebook is stupid. ~Dad
By the second star!! I'm evil! ~Jenna
Jenna: tastes like crap...
Mom: yea that's penicillin for ya. its basically made of mold.
Jenna: You HAD to tell me that??!!!
Mom: well its clean mold....
Jenna: MOM!!! Rowan DARED play Justin Bieber to get me out of her room!!
Mom: Oh that is just wrong!!!!!
Me: *changes to Skillet now that she is gone*


Laura April 17, 2011 at 8:20 PM  

I have enjoyed reading all Rowans little snippets...they are funny and remind me alot of us.

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