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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to Work

Our dear friends are home, safe and sound on Danish soil.  It was so strange to wake up without them here this morning.  We will miss them terribly.

I am back onto the Weight Watcher's bandwagon as I willfully and deliberately ignored point values over the last week or so while we were on vacation. Life is too short to not indulge sometimes.  Plus, I made sea salt caramels with this recipe and adding a teaspoon of a really nice sea salt and grating some on top before it sets.

The girls are back to life as normal with school and chores this morning.  Jenna is almost done with all of her subjects and Rowan is closing in fast on most things and will finish in June.  She will be doing biology later into the summer due to an interruption in her schedule for her internship at Old Sturbridge Village.  I always wish we could be done once they complete the standardized testing for the year, it makes sense to me.  Oh,  if they only knew how many days I didn't want to do school either.  I love it, don't get me wrong, but there are things I would dearly love to be doing more of, like writing, blogging, studying for my own education and getting lessons plans done for next year so I can take a summer break too.  All in it's time. 

This morning started with a continuation of something we learned last evening.  For going on 4 years now, my husband has spearheaded a ministry dear to his heart, a worship on the beach service.  It is a real low key, after the beach closes at 5pm, lovely way to end a Sunday on Cape Cod in the summer. Mike plays guitar, some folks lead some praise and worship songs, short message and then everyone plays and swims and has beach type fun.
This year, a group of a dozen or so has petitioned to stop them. 
Our local news-rag has hyped the heck out of it and the loonys are off and running (their mouths).  This morning it is all over the local news and the hot topic on local talk radio. 
This is my absolute favorite quote from the article, ."Is the same spot available to others? Is this aimed at advancing one church or faith? What if the chess club wants to have a beach tournament?" Policinski said.
Indeed, what would the world be coming to if we allow the Chess Club to have a beach tournament????????  You almost don't have to read the rest to see that coherency and logic have gone out the window.  I'm not worried, you can't fix stupid and God is on His throne.

Time to get out of here and take Rowan to PT and pick up a few groceries, then come back and finish school.   Back to work.


Marie April 27, 2011 at 1:13 AM  

I always find it hard to settle back down to normal life after a break. And this week I keep thinking it is a day earlier than it is in reality.

What a storm in a teacup over your husband's beach service. We get those sort of people here as well and you wonder why they get so involved and het up. Sometimes I think that the world has gone crazy. I hope some sanity prevails soon.

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