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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up for March 25th, 2011

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 It is actually not all that easy to wrap up this week, much of it seems to have gone by in a blur.  We started the new week with Rowan going to the Dr. because her throat was still looking and feeling awful.  Dropped Jenna off  because she was so tired of spending hours in the waiting room.  Thank God for friends close by. Rowan got another round of antibiotics and let I her rest most of the day.

Tuesday she was on the mend, got a good school day in, skipped piano so she could catch up and took her to the church for Kidz Klub rehearsal at 8pm. 

Rowan worked hard the rest of the week. In Omnibus she is reading the Oresteia. In World History she is in pre-Colonial and just got an A on her Chapter 16 test.
We also called my BFF and merrily sang happy birthday to her, only to realize that we were a day early. At least I didn't forget.

Biology is Chapter 8, The History of Life and she is studying creation from different worldviews. We will be watching a video on it as a family this weekend, Unlocking the Mystery of Life.  I do not understand how one is supposed to finish a BJU science course in a 180 day school year.  It isn't possible!

She finished Material Logic with a B for the course and is now doing IEW's The Elegant Essay for 2nd semester.

Last Friday, we had 67 degrees on our jaunt about Old Sturbridge Village and this week?  We got this.  For an entire day.  You have got to love spring on Cape Cod.
 Jenna, I barely even recall working this week, though I know she did.  We did our Narnia devotions and kept reading along In Search of a Homeland, we will finish The Last Battle and the Aeneid retelling by next Friday. 

She was excited about getting to her Oceanography chapter in Science.  I don't know why, but I am happy when she is excited. She loves science and is ecstatic to be moving on to chemistry in the fall.

I spent a great deal of my week getting my lists and materials for next year ready.  I put Jenna's Elson Reader's Book 5 and Intermediate Language Lessons on my ereader and printed out copies and put them in binders as well.  Both are public domain and free which is awesome.  (My lists for 5th and 10th are here.)
Jenna is almost done with her BJU Grammar 4 workbook and is progressing with amazing speed in Math Whizz.    Pretty soon I will have to begin writing out the first quarter assignments and I still need to write out the last part of Rowan's school year for her planner.

Yesterday, she and a friend made a fashion magazine together, they wore the outfits, took the photos and put together the layout and printed it.  I was pretty impressed.  I'd post a photo of it, but I don't have her permission.  This was her favorite photo though in the "dress up" category.
Moving right along, as my mother would say, before I knew it, Friday was upon us!  I was off to Bible study and left the girls to do school and chores til I got back.  
Went on the way home, put air in my tire and got my bloodwork done on an order about 8 months old now, better late than never.  It was to check my thyroid levels which tend to fluctuate.  There are few things in the world more precious than a good phlebotomist.  She was awesome.  Thank you anonymous phlebotomist.  
Came back, cleaned the house, vacuumed, ate, turned around to go pick up a friend and off he and Rowan went to a youth group overnight event with a pack of other teens and 13 chaperones.  

It is now Saturday morning, Garfield is on the TV, Rowan and her friend have arrived home from the overnight.  (Apparently partially deaf because they are speaking in very loud voices.)  They woke Jenna which is fine because she is off shortly with my sister for an overnight.  Mike has his guitar students coming soon and I was up way way too early for a Saturday at 6:40.  It was the end of my first week on Weight Watchers to little result, but these things take time. 
How was your week?


Mary March 26, 2011 at 9:13 AM  

Looks like you had a pretty good week!

Kathleen March 27, 2011 at 6:10 PM  

LOVE that fashion magazine idea - what a fun project!

Wasn't that one day of high temps lovely...but at the same time kind of mean? :) That day followed by snow? Shouldn't be allowed. Glad you at least had good weather for OSV. We hope to make it to Sturbridge next month.

Glad you mentioned that about BJU Science as I hope to use it next year. Have you had a good experience with it (other than it being too much for one year)?

hangrt March 30, 2011 at 9:08 AM  

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