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Monday, February 14, 2011

More Family Fun from Rowan's Facebook page

 Jenna: But I'll be OLD by then!! Ill be 14!!! *said with disgust*
Me: (yelling from upstairs) HEY
Dad: Nah you wont be THAT ancient
Jenna: ya you are right. I will only be 13..that is not that old.
 Age of Mythology...............Such a fun game!! I LOVE controlling my own little world.
 HORRIDLY loud rooster crow alarm around 5. Turns out Jenna had gotten up to make us pancakes!!! After 10 years I have decided. We can keep her!!!! lol
  Kai: Is the noise I make when I am in peril..............
Dad: Its the noise you make that will get you IN peril!!
  Jenna: No man left behind!!..........Except for that guy apparently...
  You know it is gonna be one of those nights when you walk in and your sister says "Hello Carbon-based life form." I think she has been spending to much time with her robot.....
 I love my mother very much. Happy birthday Liz McGann Borden!! ♥ Happy birthday my wonderful mother!!!
Ah night. Sleep, the thing that takes away all, yet gives more. With it, you loose one day, and gain another. So adieu to the cruelty and joy of today, and welcome the peace of sleep and the mystery of tomorrow.
  Dad: ( in a sing song manner) : Run run run away! run away till you cant run away no more! then kill the purple thing! run run run away! then kill the unicorn thing with the bad breath that hurts me!! (playing a DS game)
Jenna: I am so proud of you!! you killed him!!
 Me: mommy can I have a baby dragon????
Mom: Honey now is not a good time.
 Jenna banging on drums and screeching. Kea says "WHY IS THERE A DYING CAT????"
 Dad: Do you like asparagus?
Me: Yus!!!
Dad: what is "yus" is it yes? or something else???
 and for Valentine's Day, a classic from the archives...


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