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Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

It's hard to believe it is Friday already.  This week absolutely flew by.
Monday my new phone came and I spent the next 2 days pretty much doing little else but tricking it out my way.  (I now have a rooted Samsung Vibrant).  If you are a techno geek like I am, there is more info here.  Getting the phone was a whole other story but suffice it to say, it cost me a grand total of $5.30 and I now have an ongoing love affair with T-Mobile's Customer Loyalty Department.  I assume my children were doing school, I didn't see them all day.  Thank heavens I make compulsively organized assignment sheets.
Tuesday after school Jenna had a friend over and I managed to get Rowan to her piano lesson at 4:30 so I apparently I did surface once in awhile from the XDA forums and my computer.

Last Thursday,  a friend handed me a huge bag of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books and reading much later than usual at night, I am almost done with book 3.  I have reviewed them here, just scroll down till you see them.  (Note, as usual, don't judge a book by it's television show, it is dreadful.)

Wednesday I left the house at 7am to drive through the slushy mess that was left overnight to get to the ER where I spent the day with my sister, who, come to find out, has pleurisy.  Gave the girls a snow-day, everyone else was off anyway.

Yesterday, after Jenna finished school, she got out her new cake decorating equipment and did her first cake, for her friend Isaac's birthday.  
 I took her and the cake over to his house and ran off to play personal shopper for my sick sister.  Took flowers, a humidifier and lots of her favorite drinks and smoothies to her and set everything up.  The cats were particularly thrilled with the campanula plant I brought her.

Mike worked like a dog ridding driveways of the ice.  He went through 2 pairs of gloves using the scraper.
Today, as it turns out,  is Friday.  I have checked in with Rowan's lessons, she is on track for the week, doing Herodotus and Dawn Treader in Omnibus.  She is on Chapter 11 in Material Logic, and almost finished with it.  Rowan is on Chapter 12 in Speilvogel's Human Odyssey, Chapter 5 in the ever slowly moving BJU online Biology class and Lesson 51 in Latin.  She is doing well with Jacob's Geometry which we have just begun, having finished Algebra 1 in December.  Social butterfly that she is I have to drop her at a friend house after school for the evening.

Jenna is doing very well too.  She is almost done reading Haddasah, we are embarking into our study of Greece next week.  BJU Math is on track and we have added in Math Whiz tutoring for her and it is already of great benefit.  Also doing math fact copywork since flashcards were not getting it done with Jenny.  She is in unit 10 in Building Spelling Skills,  Lesson 102 in BJU English 4, Chapter 5 in Understanding God's World and review chapter 10 in Latin for Children A.   She is also blogging weekly on her blog.   Jenny is also having fun with her new Flip camera making videos and mini-movies.  We need to find a different program than the one is came with, the interface is ghastly.   She is having a friend over for the night.

There is a new addition to our music room/library.  Here is something you don't see everyday....
It is 15 degrees out, according to the Weatherbug on my new phone and the wood-stove is cranking.  It is harder for it to catch up in the morning when it is this cold so much as I loathe it, the thermal curtains are still shut.  I have a turkey soup on the stove that hopefully we will be able to enjoy this time as something other than blog fodder. 
I am hoping to settle in after school for a nice weekend of reading and staying warm.


Faith January 14, 2011 at 4:46 PM  

Wow, you got lots done! So much school stuff and then a sick sister and a new phone! Hope your sister feels better.

I didn't know people still got pleurisy! I thought it was old fashioned or something. Did you ever read Mrs. Mike? The main character has pleurisy. It is a GREAT book. I read it about 15 times as a teen/young adult.

Have a great weekend!

Irishmommy January 14, 2011 at 9:10 PM  

Wow, that is a lot! Congrats on the new gadget!

Jesse, January 14, 2011 at 11:13 PM  

I am the same way when I get a new gadget. We are hoping for a new computer with the tax refund and I'll need to send the kiddo's to grandma's for at least a week so they don't get completely neglected while I figure it out!

Diane January 15, 2011 at 9:00 AM  

I didn't know that the Dresden Files were a series of books. I watched the show and didn't think it was too bad. Thanks for mentioning the books, always looking forward something new to read.

Jenn January 18, 2011 at 10:14 AM  

I'm a new follower from the 52in52 challenge. :) We're a homeschooling family, too!

-Jenn from Jenn's RAQ

Layton Family Joy January 23, 2011 at 4:18 PM  

what a great wrap up! My 7yr old son would LOVE the FLASH (lots of super heroes around here)!!

p.s. - don't forget about the 2:1 Conference for homeschool bloggers - it'll be in your "area" April 8th-10th!! hope you'll check it out so we can meet!

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