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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Myriad of Blues for Wordless Wednesday


I used the think the cute little chirrup the kitten makes was cute.  Predawn this morning, he came chirruping about, sweet, little, I'm lonely sort of sound and I called him to come up on the bed.
Up he came and there was a mini sandstorm, whirling of cats in the middle of the bed for a few minutes and then off he went leaving my Siamese huffing in disgust.
Hearing chirruping again, I called to Percy.  Under the bed over Mike's head he comes and spends a few minutes chewing on my hair and off he goes again.   Then down to pounce on my beleaguered Siamese again and then chirruping, up he comes to the back of Mike's head, comes over the top, digs his claws in and bites him on the eyebrow!!!  Mike said something to the effect of "what the frickin, frackin, heck was that?????" and dumped the cat off the bed.
While I lay there laughing I was thinking.  Wasn't it a chirrupy sort of sound that the velociraptors in Jurassic Park made before they ate you?


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the Joys of Having a Husband Help with Homeschool

Jenna was working on a section in her language arts book where she had to write an antonym for each word on a list.   
She kept asking for help with spelling the words she chose.  She called out, "how do you spell close?"  and Mike went over and answered, "c-l-o-t-h-e-s". 
Which Jenna dutifully wrote.  Then she looked at it and said, "I said CLOSE!" 
To which Mike replied, "it puts a whole new meaning to the expression, 'put a sock in it'".
And the house roared and he left for work giggling.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Be Careful What You Ask and of Whom

The new Facebook thing this week is Fictional Character week. You are supposed to put up a profile picture of a fictional character that represents you.

So I asked Mike, what fictional character reminds him of me. He was quiet for a moment and then replied, "I feel this question is full of pitfalls." lol

So far he has come up with Paints His Shirt from Jeremiah Johnson because there is the one line where he says, "Paints His Shirt speaks English, he just does this to annoy me."

Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. Can't imagine why. lol

And Ethel Thayer from On Golden Pond. I can live with that one. :)

So then I asked Rowan. She asked if it could be from mythology and I said sure. So, carefully stating that it applies to her as well, she said the Banshee. Funny girl.

After prolonged thought, Jenna states, as only Jenna could, "You are the opposite of Cruella de Vil because she is really really mean and you are really nice and she hates animals and you love animals."

This is why I rely on my friends. I chose Polgara from the Belgariad.
And my friend Sue said this of my choice... "and she definitely represents you. A strong, intelligent, caring, lovely lady, who many respect.

I love my friends. Feel free to comment with your own possibilities.



My sister, ever vigilant towards soap scum, Kaboomed the shower stall.
Jenna walked into the bathroom and came out yelling, "Hey, what happened in the bathroom? It smells like rotting lemons!     And I don't even know what that smells like!
Someone might want to rethink their proprietary formula.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


I have a Dual Appreciation Theme This Morning

I have a lot of responsibilities in the mornings.  I have a menagerie to feed, lunches to make, dishes to do, papers to grade, homework to check, schedules to go over, email to return and the prayer chain to run.  Ideally I also remember to take my pills and get a chance to workout.  So I can not tell you how much it meant to me the first morning I heard my dear brother in law doing the wood stove for me.  What a blessing!  He gets up before I do and gets it going, all crackling and warm and this is not always easy depending on the wood we have, the kindling supply and the amount of ashes still glowing.  It means to world to me.  Thanks DK. :)

So this morning, I go down to thank him, throw on my new boiled wool clogs my Mom gave me, and take a walk down the driveway to empty the ash bucket.  It is dark still and quiet and peaceful.  As I turn and begin to walk back up the driveway, there is our house, smoke wafting slowly out the chimney. A single light in the big window, bird-feeders out in front.  And I stop for a moment and look at it.  It isn't just a house.  It is a home.  And I send up a prayer of thanksgiving.  That we have one, for everyone inside it, for all that we are able to do inside it's walls, for it's welcome and for our lives here.

Thank you God, for brother in laws and a home.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Much of It is Me

The blog isn't entitled "A Work in Progress" for nothing.
I have been having to face up to a few things of late and I am not enjoying it.
Sometimes I forget how young my oldest still is really.
Sometimes I forget my youngest is growing up.
Sometimes I say things and don't realize their impact.
Sometimes I am selfish and want more time for me when they need me more than ever.
I need to make special alone time with each of my daughters consistently.
I need to count to three before I speak 97% of the time and when I speak it needs to be softly.
I have control issues I have passed on to my daughter.
I need to focus on why we home-school and not so much with what; especially with the anxiety I am beginning to feel about high school next year.

So many issues, so little time.

I remain sincerely yours, A Work in Progress


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One of Those Heart Stopping Moments

"Where's Jenny?"  I asked Mike, who was sitting at the computer.  It had been some time since I had seen her.  "In her room." He replied.  So I went up to check on her.

Her door was closed.  I called her name and opened it. 
It was freezing in her room, the window was wide open, curtains swaying, and she was gone. 
It was one of those heart stopping moments that frighten you to your core.  Where was she?

Rationally, I knew.  She has been terrified over a dental appointment that is today.  I knew she had run away to avoid it.  Mike and the dog went out to look for her.  When he called her name, she answered.  Off into the woods they went.  Even knowing she was ok, I was not, until I saw them coming out of the woods together.
She had packed for two days.  Her stuffed elephant, a blanket, two apples and a package of rice cakes.  She had climbed high into a tree to "clear her thoughts".  She said when she heard Mike call that she "didn't have the heart to not answer."  Thank God for that.

They had a long chat in the woods and came home.  And my heart started beating again.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Week of the Big Change

Though I am hesitant to "jinx it", the BJU dvd school seems to be going well.  There is a learning curve for each course but by day 3 Rowan is settling in fairly well.

Half her courses are the excellent dvd ones and the other half are old homesat courses.  These are the ones BJU used to beam via satellite to Christian schools and homeschoolers.  These courses, unlike the newer ones, have the teacher dealing with other kids and some IRU thingy which the schools use to interact with the teacher.  The first lecture or two was agonizing as they explained the rules and usage of these devices but it wasn't as bad as hearing the questions from the other students.

(Our daughters are spoiled when it comes to school.  They never had to wait around for papers to be passed, rules to be listed, syllabbi to be read aloud let alone listen to stupid questions and the answers.)

I thought Rowan was going to snap when the Spanish teacher, having just said that pens will not be allowed, had to field questions such as "Can I use a pen if I have whiteout?"  I had to laugh and told her to be grateful that she had not had 8 years of that like kids who go to school.  And that even in college, the first few lectures were always like what she is watching and yes, it is more often that not, stupid.

There was also intense frustration with the Physics teacher.  His schedule was cryptic and had when assignments were due but not what they were.  I had to call BJU and even they agreed that it was pretty difficult to figure out.  They even called me back and emailed me an explanation sheet from the teacher.  I still have to convert from the schedule to the Julian calendar but at least it is a bit more helpful.

That having been said, she likes her teachers, even loves Grammar, Spanish and History.  She is thriving working so independently and I really believe we have made a good choice for her.

BJU Distance Learning


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Speculation


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