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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

For the Love of YA Reading Challenge 2011

 There are four levels and I am going for the "Fun Size" level of 20 YA Novels.  I may well read more, it seems to be the genre I am reading most these days.

July 18th
Challenge completed.  I missed a few of the books on my list, though they are still in my, "to read" pile and added a few others.   The YA genre is such a mix of the good, the bad, the ugly and the occasional standout. 
Some of these could most likely go into the new "Middle School" category, Fablehaven, for example and the 39 Clues but for the sake of keeping it simple, I will still lump it all into YA.  
I finished out the challenge with James Patterson's YA series, Maximum Ride.  There is one more not pictured here as well, Angel.  They were enjoyable, not great but very readable.  I liked the characters very much indeed.  

Update October 4th
Read Brandon Mull's, A World Without Heroes, Beyonder's #1.  I enjoyed it but I am not invested as yet. I loved Fablehaven once I got past the first one, so I will reserve judgement and wait for the next in the series. There was a lot to like, it just never really picked up for me as yet.
Enjoyed Across the Universe , by Beth Revis.  It was a strange book, kind of like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest meets 1984 but with a young adult slant.  I think, oddly, it may yet be a sci fi classic in it's own right.

I went camping and took my Kindle.  Did plenty of beach reading and enjoyed it immensely.  
I read all 7 of John Marsden's Tomorrow series.  I keep describing it as, Red Dawn, set in Australia.  I enjoyed them very much.
Tomorrow When the War Began
The Dead of the Night
The Third Day, the Frost
Darkness, Be My Friend
Burning for Revenge
The Night is for Hunting
The Other Side of Dawn
I read The Warlock, Book 5 in Michael Scott's series, Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel. It was decent, not as in love with it as I have been but that may be due to memory loss between books.  I was really enamoured with the series when I first read it.

May 8th
 I read Brendan Mull's FableHaven and really enjoyed it.  Although I want to slap the little brother in the series, it is a nice twist on the faerie genre and I am looking forward to reading the rest.  Halfway through book 2 at the moment, Rise of the Evening Star.  Things are getting more intriguing by the page. 

Update:  Read Book 3: Grip of the Shadow Plague , Book 4: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary and the final book, Keys to the Dragon Prison. 
These got better with every book until I was on the edge of my seat reading the final one.  Loved Fablehaven.

February 23rd Check in Post

This just came in the mail today!  My first win ever from a blog contest.
The best part of it is, I have read the entire series and I couldn't wait to share them with the girls. These are in the Middle School category but I daresay anyone who likes a good romp with a cool storyline would enjoy them.  They are written as a serial with different authors for each book.  Rick Riordan wrote the first one and that is how they came to my attention, we are huge fans of his work. Shannon already did a fabulous write-up on the blog I entered the give away on, so I will refer you to hers.  It's here on her blog on one of her fabulous "Middle School Monday" posts. Now we have to wait for the next one, it is out in August, I am on the edge of my seat waiting!  Here is the website dedicated to the series.  Check it out!

The 39 Clues Book 1, Maze of Bones
The 39 Clues Book 2, One False Note
The 39 Clues Book 3, The Sword Thief
The 39 Clues Book 4, Beyond the Grave
The 39 Clues Book 5, The Black Circle
The 39 Clues Book 7, The Viper's Nest
The 39 Clues Book 8, The Emperor's Code
The 39 Clues Book 9, Storm Warning
The 39 Clues Book 10, Into the Gauntlet
The 39 Clues Book 11, Vespers Rising..coming August 2011
January 10th Check in Post

This week I read Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey Series.
The Iron King, Winter's Passage, a prelude to the sequel, and The Iron Daughter. 
I read a lot of YA and fantasy is my favorite genre.  I almost didn't read them when I saw "Harlequin Teen".  I hate Harlequin books, I despise the entire Romance genre.  I don't object to romance, naturally but I want it to stem from a great plot line and story, not BE the plot line and story.   In any case, I couldn't resist these due to their premise.  King Oberon had a half fey daughter who discovers who she is on her 16th birthday when her 4 year old half brother is exchanged for a changling. An avid Shakespeare lover, who could resist delving into a world with Oberon, Titania, Queen Mab and the irrepressible Robin Goodfellow?  
Add into the Nevernever a plot twist stemming from technology and gadgets in our world and you get a whole new world of faery.  Julie Kagawa did an amazing job putting together a highly engaging story and I look forward to reading more of her work.
1. The Iron King,  Julie Kagawa
2. The Iron Daughter, Julie Kagawa 
February, 2011 The Iron Queen just came out, on my list to read....

3. Across the Universe,  Beth Revis 

4. The Wish List, Eoin Colfe
Because I really enjoyed the Artemis Fowl books I have read so far and because I can't resist the description," Eoin Colfer’s Wish List reads like a head-on collision between Dawson’s Creek and Touched by an Angel."

5. The Two Princesses of Bamarre - Gail Carson Levine
This is one of my daughter's all time favorite books, she will be thrilled I am going to read it. 

6. Dealing With Dragons - Patricia C. Wrede 

7.  City of Bones, Mortal Instruments Book 1, Cassandra Clare
8. City of Ashes, Mortal Instruments Book 2, Cassandra Clare
9. City of Glass, Mortal Instruments Book 3, Cassandra Clare
10. City of Fallen Angels, Mortal Instruments Book 4, Cassandra Clare
The reviews were so mixed for these that I said the hell with it, I will just have to see for myself.
So far I have really enjoyed these, I grew more and more engaged with the characters as they developed more fully.  Definitely a fan of this series and may have to check out her others.

Since re-reads count, I am so reading the Hunger Games trilogy again!!
11. The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins
12. Catching the Fire, Suzanne Collins
13. Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins

14.. Alanna, The First Adventure, Song of the Lioness Book 1, Tamora Pierce
15. In the Hand of the Goddess, Song of the Lioness Book 2, Tamora Pierce
16. The Woman who Rides Like a Man,  Song of the Lioness Book 3, Tamora Pierce
17. Lioness Rampant, Song of the Lioness Book 4, Tamora Pierce

As Stephen King so aptly put it, "No ending can be right, because it shouldn’t be over at all. The magic is not supposed to go away."  A reread because I never want the magic to go away and before the last part of the movies.

19. Fablehaven, Brandon Mull
20.  Rise of the Evening Star, Brandon Mull

24. Maximum Ride, The Angel Experiment, James Patterson
25. Maximum Ride, School's Out - Forever, James Patterson
27. Maximum Ride: The Final Warning , James Patterson
28. Maximum Ride, Max, James Patterson
29. Maximum Ride, Fang, James Patterson
30. Maximum Ride, Angel, James Patterson

20. Magyk, Septimus Heap Book 1, Angie Sage


Jamie January 11, 2011 at 9:29 AM  

I LOVE the Iron Fey was supposed to be a trilogy but now there's supposedly a 4th book in the works.

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