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Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Year Passes

"Time is the most undefinable yet paradoxical of things; the past is gone, the future is not come, and the present becomes the past even while we attempt to define it, and, like the flash of lightning, at once exists and expires." ~Charles Caleb Colton

A look back on the year shows it's ups and downs, thrills and defeats, sadness and joy as it does in every year. Overwhelmingly, the good outweighs the bad and the joys overcome the sorrows and I don't imagine we can hope for better than that.  Here, in random order and free flowing thought processes, is my retrospective.

It is the year in which our eldest turned 14, began high school and dyed streaks of her hair teal.  The year she spent ridiculous amounts of downtime on Facebook, learned how to make do bead cane-work by herself, and forgot her chores as many times as she did them without being nagged.  The year her health is finally on the upward swing at last though her headaches continue.  She is kind, cheery, fearless and funny, fiercely loyal and so very helpful to me every day.  I wouldn't get through half my days as well without her.

This was the year our little one turned 10. Caught between childhood and not, careening like a pinball back and forth and rarely settling on either for any length of time.  Funny as all get out, her "Jennaisms" often have us laughing and/or shaking our heads.  She is generous and kind to others while being too hard on herself in most things. Impatient with herself,  she has infinite patience with others.  School still comes easy to her, save math where geometry is like breathing but long division is somehow agony.  The year in which she became a Dollar Tree fanatic, carefully making lists on the website before going with her friend Miss Pam to the actual store.  Her frugality knows no bounds and we are proud of her.  

A year in which we prayed like mad when Becky was diagnosed with cancer and God answered every prayer.  Her last scan showed her cancer free and it is absolutely nothing less than a miracle.  Luke got a new scar but came through to be around to make us all laugh for a good long time to come.
One in which everyone's health was pretty good and surgeries and injuries and illnesses were healed and mended and in every case could have been so much worse and thank God, wasn't.  Only 1 ER trip with the kids and, for a change, it was Jenny.  Face plant onto the deck, no lasting injuries.  Dad took an awful spill quite recently and while he was pretty well banged up, there were no permanent injuries.   In which I would have preferred to loose weight but didn't.  Maybe this year.
A year that God continued to demonstrate that His provision is perfect and His love and mercy is boundless.  Where Mike continued to have work and ministries and sometimes one was the same as the other.  Our house refinance finally went through after over a year of paperwork and problems.  We were able to continue homeschooling and were blessed with the loan of a microscope and other supplies for high school biology and the ancient laptop that was also a gift continues to work.  I made money here and there with computer work and photography which always helps just when we need it.  God had my carpets cleaned out of the blue and bought Mike a truck he promptly named Ebeneezer.

It was, as always, a year filled with family and friends, birthdays, anniversaries, time spent together and memories made. Mike and I celebrated our 18th anniversary this year, we even actually went out to dinner and a movie and we both turned 45.  (Prince of Persia sucks FYI.)  Wherein Mom turned 70 and I learned how to paint on cakes and Ruth and Tom came to celebrate with us.  Dad and Tommy celebrated their birthdays together as we so often have at Mom's house. 
A year where we reunited with an old friend and the girls made new friends.  One of my dearest high school chums and I hooked up on Facebook and she came to visit with her kids and is coming back again this year.
I can't wait to see her again.  Best of all, her daughter and son and our girls are now fast friends.  How perfectly lovely for it all to come around and back.

 A year in which we took an amazing 3 day art class and my brother in law got a big promotion.  The year my mother in law retired from Nichols College and I got a Nook.  A time where I actually took the kids for a weekly get together with our homeschool group in spite of my antipathy towards leaving the house and the resulting friendships for us all have been a blessing beyond compare.   This was the year true friendships shone through while false friends wreaked havoc and heartache.  The year in which I gained a wagon train of friends I will treasure forever and small kindnesses both given and got made so much difference in a day.  

 A year we joined 4H and worked the Barnstable County Fair together, had a booth at the Woods Hole Mayfair doing face painting and balloons and Rowan joined the Kidz Klub cast.  This was the year Jenna took swim lessons, Rowan did drama for VBS and we did our last Civil War day with the Matsons.

The year I discovered the wonders of the Life Application Bible, went to Forestdale Baptist for a ladies Bible study and went away with my peeps to a Beth Moore Conference.  In which I couldn't go to an Esther study but my friend Aimee brought me the dvd every Monday afternoon and Rowan and I watched it.  The year we joined our Forestdale peeps at their harvest fest they joined us at our Family Fall Fun festival.  How blessed we are to have extended our circle of friends with these, so very special, folks.

A year in which the dog was aggravating and expensive but still my loyal pal.  Where the kitten made me laugh at least once every day.  During which we lost Sir Much the Guinea Pig and Blue the Betta and actually did not replace either. 


This was a year that went all too quickly.  I found myself utterly unready for the holidays and I am absolutely not ready to get back in the swing of our school routine again.  Yet, it is that time almost.

I look back with gratitude and forward with joy because I am blessed beyond reason in all things. 
Welcome 2011.

"How rapidly time urges his flight; sometimes as a relentless, unsparing destroyer; but oftener as a swift-winged and beautiful angel; changing, yet not taking away this world's blessings: making our past sorrows look dim in the distance; opening many flowers of pleasure on our way, and gradually ripening our souls for the great eternity."


Cheryl January 2, 2011 at 8:26 AM  

Beautiful write, Lizzie. A year well-lived with much love.

TerriG January 4, 2011 at 8:55 AM  

Wow Lizzie. That is one of your BEST POSTS. I cried when I read about Becky. Praise God for his faithfulness. Lot's of growth, so many blessings.

Joy January 4, 2011 at 9:41 PM  

Just beautiful. God is so good. Thanks for joining in the Hip Homeschool Hop!

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