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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So How Was It?

The first day of school had it's ups and downs, meltdowns and learning curves but on the whole, it went well.  I normally make their favorite pancakes but there were leftover donuts to eat so there went that tradition. Chores are supposed to be done first thing but when I turned around they were both doing assigned reading and eating so I kind of went with it.  

The first calamity came when there was an error in Jenna's Word Study Book and that was good for a perfectionism meltdown that lasted a fair amount of time and left an all day "hangover". She was plenty pissed that people aren't more careful about typos and errors in books "kids are supposed to do."  Her rant was quite literate, wish I'd recorded it and put it in her binder as an opinion paper.

After breakfast she had put The Incredible Journey away so I got out the narration paper and asked her a question and on came the waterworks.  While she did math with Mike I borrowed the audio book from our digital downloads library and put it on her mp3 player for her to listen along while she reads it today.

We moved on to Latin for Children and Jenna happily chanted along with the dvd and then sat there and ran down vast amounts of derivatives to her father.  The best part of it was that she did it without even knowing what she was doing or that it is part of studying Latin.

We read 3 chapters in Minn of the Mississippi, drew a snapping turtle and labeled the Great Lakes Region on a blank outline map.  I am using Beautiful Feet's Geography through Literature with this beloved book.

Together we ran out the the library after lunch to pick up some things I had ordered.  Zekmet the Stone Carver for Jenna, Tony Blair's ,Journey for me (large print), Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos for Rowan and Looking for God in Harry Potter because I can never articulate a rebuttal to friends who think it is wrong to read it.  (But that is a whole other post)   Came home and did Ancient history, reading from Truthquest and A Picturesque Tale of Progress.

In the meantime, down in in the library, Rowan was doing pretty well with her first Omnibus assignment, color coded her notebooks for Latin and dove into the book and went upstairs to do her reading assignment in her room.  She had a couple of questions here and there but worked well and hard all day.  Her Biology course should be here sometime this week so whatever her day ends up being it will add another 1 1/2 hours to it daily.  She squawked a bit about Material Logic but settled down and did it.  She has come so far. I have yet to look over her work but I was so pleased with her behavior.

After we were done with school Jenna and I went up to see what we could do with her room to make it prettier.  2 hours later it was looking much better, neater and cleaner and she was happy with it.  She then spent the next 2 hours on the internet researching pet turtles and sending Mike pleading emails.  (remember we read Minn this morning?)

On the whole, it was a pretty good first day of school.  Jenna and I never made it to Biology or American History.  Chocolate covered cream puffs we forgot to put out at her birthday party and putting together her decorative touch-lite kit from her aunt and uncle soothed the way into the evening.  A hot shower and she was singing her head off with her headphones on.    Rowan was wonderful, my freshman daughter made me proud.

My children have switched personalities on me but other than that it went rather well.


Deborah Jeans Dandelion House September 15, 2010 at 9:13 AM  

Hi Lizzie!
I LIKE your blog too! Thanks so much for being my first follower!
I look forward to more " visiting" as the year progresses...

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