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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Civil War Day 2010, The Battle of the Bees

Our last Civil War Day was glorious.  As usual, getting there is half the battle.  There was a shoe crisis, attitude issues, and last minute, "I don't want to go"s (and that was just the adults)  but off we went.  Mike wasn't at all happy but once he left for a bit with Mom and Dad and got his blood sugar back up he was in the game and having a blast.  The original plan was to only stay for a couple of battles but once he was in, Mike didn't want to stop playing at all.  The girls were having a blast, the weather was absolutely perfect and as it was the last one no one wanted it to be over.

During the setting up of the encampments some bees had been disturbed and there were more than a few stings but everyone soldiered on.  There were miscellaneous brier scratches left and right and Rowan, with her tube of Neosporin, was kept quite busy.

Mike was a Confederate Officer and our battles were supposed to be toward the end of the Civil War.  The South did not "rise again" this day either.

There was a duel I had missed racing around the woods taking photos so my dear generals were kind enough to gift with a  sword fight of my very own to photograph.  Wish I had a video camera they were so sweet to do that for me. 

"Action" Issac Watson and Sean Chapman in action.

A grand time was had by all and it will be very much missed annual event. 
Historical Happenings is closing its doors after 6 years.  Issac is in college now and they are moving on.  

Best of luck Matson Family and thanks for all the fun.

The entire album is here, if anyone is interested.

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