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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School

I haven't been much in the mood to write, too many distractions, too much drama lately.  But with the help of my beloved, some good friends, time with my family, time in the Word and a little Charles Spurgeon, I am feeling a little more centered.  I have to be up to par to begin our new school year and I have no time or energy to spare on anything else.  Almost ready with the first term lessons scheduled and all our materials are finally here.  The weather is perfect, the house is clean and organized, their school desks are neat and clean and ready to go.

For one thing, I have a 9th grader this year.  I can't believe Rowan is starting high school.  Where has the time gone?  She has a heavy line-up but I am confident she will really shine with what we have chosen. 

The high school is being stubborn about our approval letter, they want us to use their "official form".  I have submitted the information required and in a timely fashion as well.  I find it amusing that they have no problem with what I am teaching (as if) and it is absurd for them to withhold "approval" because the information is on a one page letter and not their 3 page, labled A,B,C,D,E,F, form.  Our homeschool attorney at HSLDA has been informed of the situation and is standing by to write them if our current request isn't honored.  Bureaucratic issues, how stupid.

Rowan's Desk

Her year looks like this: Omnibus I, Spielvogel's Human Odyssey, God and the History of Art, BJU Biology, 2nd half of BJU Algebra I and 1st half of Jacobs Geometry, Material Logic, Latin, Beginning Danish, Intermediate Circular Knitting, and piano.  
 (The Omnibus program is 3 full courses in one, she will get credits for English Grammar and Composition, Bible Doctrine and Theology and Ancient Literature Studies.)

She is also applying for a job at a couple local places to earn and save money for her junior year in Denmark. 

Then there is our Jenna, turning 10 on Monday.  Just entering Logic Stage work.  This is a big transition year for her as well.  It will be an adjustment for her but I'm keeping lots of read aloud lap time.  Her main curriculum is, as is Rowan's, heavily literature based.  We are doing Ambleside Online Year 4 modified for Ancients, Christian Kids Explore Biology, BJU Math, MCP Word Study Level E, IEW Fables, Myths and Fairytales (still working our way through it) Geography through Literature, Latin for Children A and BJU Grammar 4.  

A more detailed description of this year for both girls is here on it's special very own page.

Time goes so quickly doesn't it?  Just yesterday we had begun our homeschooling adventure.  
God has been so good. I am so grateful.

Off we go, back to school.


Cheryl September 8, 2010 at 9:46 AM  

Lovely photos intermingled with the upcoming work. Bureaucratic crap is the very worst evil.

North of 25A September 9, 2010 at 9:01 AM  

Thank for your the nice comment; I appreciate every one. I cannot tell you how impressed and how much I respect parents that homeschool. Danish? That you don't eat? Really. I work in a school (not as a teacher) and sometimes that is more than I can take. Your girls are beautiful! And so are your photos!

LisaDay September 10, 2010 at 8:11 AM  

Yikes! Those classes sound tough. Good luck to both girls.


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