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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Swim lessons start at 10:30 am this morning.  I was all set, printed out my application on line, had my check ready, good to go.  It occurred to me at 7:00 this morning, that in order to park at the beach for swim lessons, one needs a beach sticker, and we didn't have ours. 

You'd think that living here my entire life, I would remember that you need a beach sticker from Memorial Day to Labor Day wouldn't you?  Me too, but my memory is shot so there you go.

I went to the town hall website and it says there are 3 ways to get one; mail, town hall, (open at 8am) or the Bathhouse (open at 9am).

There a rules to living on Cape Cod.  One of them is that you get your errands done as early in the morning as possible before every tourist and their mother is on the road.  Town Hall clearly the way to go, in, out and back before they are out of bed.

The website goes on to say that beach sticker are $60 and combo dump sticker $80.  I ask Mike if we have funds and he says sure, decides on the combo sticker and writes me out a check for $80.  He also made me out a check for grocery money.  No doubt because we are out of trash bags and it is getting more evident by the minute.

I made a copy of my registration, filled out the form and was breezing down the traffic-less roads and standing in front of the town hall at 8:00 am on the nose.  

Turns out, they only sell beach stickers at the Bathhouse from Memorial Day to Labor Day, a factoid unfortunately missing from the website.  It opens at nine and I don't even know where it is!!  Additionally, there is no longer a combo sticker.  Straight beach $60 or straight dump $80.    I was a little upset and a little mad.  Ok, yeah, I was sulking.  Seemed like bureaucratic crap to me.  And at 8:07 the time constraints began.

I head homeward, traffic picking up a bit already.  I then notice my gas gauge is on E and I am running on fumes.

I am at the bank at 8:14 and wait til 8:30 when it opens.  While I am waiting, I called my sister to complain because she always sympathizes.  Then I called my friend who also goes to swim lessons.  I figured, hey, no worries, we'll catch a ride!  Worry about the sticker later.  Turns out she had an expired beach sticker so she and her kids were being dropped off and walking home.  This was no short distance!

Finally realizing I am going to have to suck it up and brave the post 9am traffic, I said, ok, I'll head down and get the sticker and you can meet me at the house and we'll all go!  She was pretty happy about that, I figured what the hell. 

Deposit made,  I glided across the street to the gas station, cleverly remembering what side of the car my gas cap is on this time, got out, swiped my card, pushed all the buttons and went to pump gas.  I forgot to hit the little button that unlocks the gas cap.  By the time I went around the car and opened it, it had cleared my transaction.  So I did the whole swipe thing again, pumped my gas, and off I headed home to take our housemate to work at 9:00.

I head back out on the road, traffic quite a bit thicker by now, and realize that the check Mike wrote is for $80.  The sticker is $60.  I figure no problem, I'll write a check, I just made a deposit right?  I rummaged around in my bag and guess what?  I don't have my checkbook.

Deep sigh,  all is not lost, here is the bank up ahead, I will just go get cash from my account.
I fill out the withdrawal slip and as we are chatting she says, "hmmm".  I said, "what hmm?"  She says there is a $75 charge at the gas station!  So there isn't enough to withdraw the money in my account.   "What?  I spent $25.09!"

Ok, still not a total washout, I withdraw $60 from Mike's account and I drive over to the gas station across the street.  I said to the guy, it's about the $75 charge?  He explained that it is a "holding fee"  and that they do that every time you get gas.  Sigh.  So, mystery solved.  Who needs trash bags? Maybe we can use an old pair of pantyhose, you can fit lots of stuff in those.

I get back in my car and I can't find my keys.  Not in my purse, not in the car, crap, deep breath, walk back in and he is waving them at me and smiling. Nice guy.

Off I go, and for once the map quest directions are correct, in I go, easy peasy, off I go with my shiny new beach sticker.  In not quite bumper to bumper traffic. 

This is what happens when you pray for patience, you are blessed with OPPORTUNITIES to practice it until you get it right.  Thanks God.  You're a funny guy.  I'll get it someday.

Psalm 37:7-9
Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes. Stop being angry! Turn from your rage! Do not lose your temper—it only leads to harm


Katie Gates July 14, 2010 at 10:05 PM  

Hi Lizzie, Reading this made me appreciate that my experiences on the Cape were always in June. I cannot imagine it so overcrowded, though I've always known that was the case this time of year. Your post also made me think of one I did at the end of 09. It's here: I believe you'll enjoy it!

Diane July 16, 2010 at 11:18 AM  

What a morning you had. I think everyone has had mornings like that, hopefully not too many though. lol. Must be interesting living on the Cape, especially during the summer months. We live in a tourist area also. On the weeknds during the summer it can get pretty crowded.

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