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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a "From the Archives Day" Means to Me

It isn't only that I can't think of anything to say some days. 
I was looking back at some of my old (pre-blogger) posts and I was thinking that some of them were really rather good.  

Back then, the only person who read my blog was my mother and only because I had it programmed to send it to her. Except for Tim.  Thanks Tim!

I was thinking, "Hey, I have a few people who read this now, perhaps revisiting and rewriting some of my really good ones might be nice".  Naturally, I started with a humorous post yesterday but I do have some "deeper" ones ready to be dug out, reworked and shared.

It was interesting reading about my life.  I can see, looking back, answers to prayer over and again.  And I am a little ashamed that I have forgotten so much about those prayers and how faithful God has been to answer them.    I laughed. I cried. I pondered.  And I sent up a few prayers of thanks and a few of confession.  It was a nice afternoon down memory lane. 

I began blogging our life and times in August of 2005.  We had been homeschooling about 4 years then, Rowan was in the 4th grade and Jenna in Kindergarten.    We've come a long way.  This coming September Rowan will be in high school!  Hard to believe.

So once in awhile we will revisit an old post.   I hope you enjoy the journey down memory lane.


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