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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring to me means......Burning Season!!!

I have the greatest husband in the world.  He really knows how to make me happy. The other day he came home and handed me my burning permit for the season! 
I just love that man, he gets me. 

 Burning is usually an all day event and generally combines yard clean-up with beer, sweat, photography and some yelling and lots of laughter. It is a generational thing.  My parents did it, I do it and I am teaching my kids too.  I get a lot of my technique from my Mom.  That woman could do some insanely serious yard work, still can.  (remind me to tell you about the times she used to decide to move a rock)

Yesterday I had intended to burn.  By the time I was done with teaching and cleaning and working out it was 12:40 and you have to call in by 12:00.  I was crushed.  My whole day was blown. 

Today, I put the timer on.  9:30 on the nose I was on the phone registering my burn for the day.  Ignition was 10 o'clock on the nose.  And the kids and I got it in gear.  This is homeschooling at it's finest.  Kids, here is how to start a fire.  Hose out, gloves on, we began hauling yard debris and adding it to the fire.  The gloves were a recent thing, I am usually more hard core.  I didn't even put them on until some wire that was stapled to a pallet gouged my hand.  I am pretty sure my tetanus shot  is up to date.   Kids, it is important to know when your last tetanus shot was, keep track of that.

My husband worries when I burn.  He never knows what he will find gone when he gets home.

Rotting stumps went in, pallets went in, miscellaneous lumber went in, an old wooden ladder went in.  We dragged stuff from the front yard, the side yard and the back yard.  We raked up sticks and leaves and scraps of bark and some went onto the fire.  The kids built little pine cone Neros to burn.  They knew technically that Nero was said to have watched Rome burn.  After much discussion, they decided it would be mean to reenact, say, Joan of Arc's burning, they truly felt Nero deserved it.   You have got to love what they remember from their history studies.   The leaves we raked onto an old sheet and dumped in the back 40.  Kids, this is yard clean up 101.  Last year I burned the old wooden swing-set, that was a huge accomplishment. 

I was good this time, I didn't even throw in the huge old mailbox post.  (only because I could barely lift it) Kids, for the next burn we will be discussing leverage, gravity and other basic physical principles for moving large objects.

My husband will be so proud.


Hen Jen April 7, 2010 at 3:11 AM  

wow, you do love it! You make me want to try it..I live in So. Ca- OC, no way I would be allowed to burn anything, the fire dept. would be all over me. Years ago I was cleaning and had a ton of financial papers to get rid of, and no shredder. I put them in my yard garbage can and lit them on fire, with a hose there- I just let it burn long enough to blacken everything, I was so afraid the police would show up!

sometimes I really wish I lived in the country!

Lizzie April 7, 2010 at 12:10 PM  

You crack me up Jenn,
I have visions of you hiding in your garage lighting one match at a time. lol

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