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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Review: The Astak EZ Reader Pocket Pro

The EZ Reader came on Saturday.  It was an early birthday present for our 13 year old and she paid for half of it so together we did the research about e-readers and decided on this one.  Many thanks to the Well Trained Mind forums and the MobileRead forums for input and advice.

We bought it from and I can't recommend this company highly enough.It was on sale for $50 off retail with $1.99 shipping and came in 24 hours. The EZ Reader came with a lovely case, decent ear-buds, USB power cord and an AC adapter so we can charge it anywhere.  It comes in 6 colors.  Rowan chose the blue model.

Right out of the box this thing was a dream; It was super simple to update it's firmware and load books. I loaded some in EPUB, some in PDF and one Adobe Digital Download from our library to put it through it's paces.  It was ridiculously simple, no converting, no extra programs to make it work, just the usb and my computer.

You can change the font, increase and decrease the size of the font, use the catalog feature to find a chapter and it renders graphics beautifully in black and white.This is a page from Andrew Lang's,  Helen of Troy.

Rowan brought it on a walk the other day, took it out in blazing sunlight and the E-Ink format made it as easy on the eyes as if she were at home.  No glare whatsoever.(Did I mention I want one!)   It also holds all her mp3 music files and audio-books and plays them well in addition to having the text to speech feature of the other popular e-readers.

Some of the other major reasons we went with the Astak.
1. no internet, I didn't want her to have it in an e-reader
2. replaceable battery
*the Kindle and the Sony have to be sent back to the manufacturer in order to replace the battery, it costs for postage and for the battery AND you are without your device for weeks
3. price, this was the best deal out there
4. supports 20 formats
5. I didn't want to bother with having to convert EPUB files to another format to make them readable by the Sony or the Kindle who needs the hassle?Although, as I understand it, the Kindle does now support PDF files.
6. awesome customer support, real people, right away, something that always makes me a loyal customer

Sites for free ebooks
This one was my favorite for its easy format

So if you are in the market for an E-Reader or are on the fence about which one to get, I wholeheartedly suggest that you go with the Astak. 

Feel free to ask questions in the comment space, I am happy to get back to you.

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