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Saturday, April 10, 2010

First Read A Thon Post, 2 hours in

2 hours into the read a thon, I have completed 118 pages of Rescue Ink.  I knew it would make me cry and it has, more than once already.  I have had to get up a few times, being a Mom and a pet owner your time is never completely your own and that's OK, it is all about the fun right?

From Rescue Ink, " The house Rescue Ink was about to visit was a practical application of the mathematics of unneutered cat colonies.  Like an algebraic equation on crack, a few unneutered cats can magnify into a population of many more digits."

"After all, it took more than a bit of nerve to envision a rescue group that would break all the rules, show that tough guys can have hearts of gold, and that a little testosterone introduced into an an areana heretofore presided over by impassioned cat ladies wasn't such a bad thing."

I stopped by the blogs listed in hour 3 and left comments, have fun people!


Luvvie April 10, 2010 at 11:08 AM  

Hey Lizzie - thanks for your's it going? Hang in your blog title....I have a WIP sheet at work and it's the only thing that keeps me on track.

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