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Monday, March 1, 2010

An Off Day

Ever have one of those "off" kind of days? 

It feels later than it should be.  I feel more tired than I ought to be and the whole thing just feels unsettled to some degree.  As I was beginning to take care of the animals I noticed my husband was taking care of the fish-tanks.  It was surreal.  Nobody ever helps me take care of the animals in the morning.  (In their defense, I am usually awake at least an hour before anyone else and one can't exactly explain to the pets that they have to wait until their respective owners get up.)

I let the kids sleep in by an hour and for the first time in memory, I actually want to go back to bed.  I am not a "go back to bed" sort of person.  I am a "get up and hit it hard"  kind of person.  I get up and I get it in gear and thus the day passes.  I think the kids are "off"  too, they seem to have gone back to sleep because I don't hear them getting up and dressed.

Even the kitten is "off".  He is cranky and sore from his vaccinations yesterday and not himself at all.  He didn't do a single halo jump off the window screen last night and there were no sweet little chirrups looking for someone to play with him.  He wanted to go back to bed too and has.

Also "off" is the big empty room in the basement where my sister and her husband are usually having coffee and checking email and talking back and forth with me.  She called on her way to work.  It isn't the same.

I woke up to low barometric pressure and an inch and a half of snow directly contradicting the spring songs of the cardinal and the voice of the Red-Winged Blackbird I heard yesterday.  The birds are "off" too. 

So, off we go, embarking on the usual adventures in this off kilter sort of day.  Let's see what it holds.


TerriG March 7, 2010 at 10:07 PM  

Hey Lizzie: Just checking in, I hope you have had some on days since this one. I love the bookshelf and the blog list. Looking good mother.

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