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Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday, Monday, la la, la la la la

It is a beautiful Monday.  The sun is not only shining but warm.  Hints of spring are in the tiny details of tree-bud and birdsong.  Bad things and hard times seem distant, if only for a moment in the quiet of the morning.

Early morning suits me.  Peaceful though it may be, there is also a business to it if you are looking.  The birds, up with the sun, are already foraging along with the squirrels for food.  Turning over leaves, pecking for insects and feasting at the feeders, like mine, their days begin early. While I, inside the house, feed my own menagerie and get ready to wake the children.

The little wood rat forages too, beneath the feeder where food items fall as the birds take their turn above.  As I prepare my husbands lunch inside, outside the chipmunks bustle, cheeks full, to and fro from their nest among the stones.

As the sun rises and warms the air, the birds begin their ablutions, bathing merrily, scattering water about as their heads bob under and back up flinging droplets down their backs.  My own consist of scattering the laundry looking for yesterday's outfit and brushing my hair and teeth.

As their frantic hunger subsides, the birds go more matter of factly about their daily routines and we follow the same pattern inside the house.  School beings to get underway, the dishwasher runs, the laundry is drying, the pets are napping.  Routine is comforting and familiar.

Much like Monday mornings.


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