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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daylight Savings Time, An Idea Whose Time has Come and Gone

I hate it.  I suppose, in an agrarian culture it made some sort of sick and twisted sense but now?  Really?  Why?  I mean it isn't like we all have to go out and milk the horses and weed the dandelions anymore and even if we did, I am sure they could wait another hour or two. 
Getting up in the dark should be reserved for very VERY few occasions, Christmas and child-bearing for example.  It should not be a regular gig, it just isn't right.
It is dark, it is stormy, it is windy and pouring and the greenhouse got torn to shreds.  None of this says, "Hey, great day to get out of bed an hour earlier!"
I am NOT a fan.  It's time has come and gone!


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