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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fatherly Advice, Round Two, Guest Blogged by My Husband

So Jenna and I just got back from a bottle and can recycling run.  When we got home she said, "Hey Dad, guess what?".  There must have been an 'I'm gonna guess something' look on my face because she followed it up quickly with, "Never mind, don't guess anything!".  Then she explained how she had gotten the recycling idea last night at bed time and, not wanting to forget, she had written it down using the symbol for recycle because she didn't know how to spell the word.  Then she described how she had, not wanting to lose the note and not having any pockets in her PJ's, tucked the note into her pants and gone to sleep.  In the morning as she woke up and rolled over she felt and heard a crinkling and, reaching into her pants, came out with a note which she promptly read.

 I told her that I never would have guessed any of that.  I asked her if she had, at any moment before she remembered, wondered who had written a note and stuck it in her pants while she slept.  She deftly avoided the question by stating that she recognized the handwriting!

Wasn't it wonderful, she thought, how she had carefully protected her idea and it was able to come to pass.

The moral of the story, I informed her, is that if something is important to you...keep it in your pants.  This is the kind of fatherly teaching that sort of makes me yearn for a man-child.


Anonymous,  December 31, 2010 at 4:22 AM  

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