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Monday, February 8, 2010

A Day in the Life

It's Monday morning.  It is bright and sunny and cold and the stove is playing catch-up from being banked overnight.  Jenna is putting away the silverware in the dishwasher.  Mike is singing a hymn.  Rowan is hastily finishing a chapter of Ann of the Island before doing her chores and I just printed out some pages of Math Mammoth for Jenna's math today.   Rowan's workspace is all ready for her, looks like she even has a classmate for the morning.

Jenna's workspace now faces the back yard and though we have put out feeders for birds out there as well, they don't come yet, except for the crows.
I couldn't get the pole into the frozen ground where I wanted it so it is a bit back in the raised garden bed.
Perhaps I will be able to rearrange the whole back feeding station in the spring and the birds will come.
In the meantime, we do have some wildlife checking out the feeding station out front.....  I hope he doesn't get one of the Bluebirds.  Isn't he gorgeous!

Mike has left to drive a friend with no car to work, not sure where he is going to work today but I have faith that there will be work.  Tonight he and my brother in law are going to go get more wood from Mom and Dad's house, it is cold and there is snow coming in Wednesday.  It would be really nice if it would be enough to make some money on.  (not that Mike would think so)

The girls have done their chores for the most part and are getting dressed for school.  I have no idea what I am going to do for supper yet, perhaps we will get rid of the leftovers and cook fresh tomorrow.  I am encouraging Rowan to get as much work done as possible so she can go on the Teen Winter Retreat without playing catch-up when she gets home.  She is going the 15th-19th to Camp of the Woods with our youth group.  Hoping I can extend a bribe to Jenna to work hard and cheerfully this week with a trip to the cinema pub to see the Lightning Thief this weekend.  We are all dying to see it, I am so excited!!  We have read the series at least 3 times.  Not Mike, but the girls and I.  You just knew you would love a book whose first chapter title was, "In which I accidentally vaporize my Pre-Algebra Teacher".   Jenna got her own set from her grandparents for Christmas and treasures them.

Third Grade is good.  It is the last kind of relaxed year we are going to do before beginning the first of 2 full classic rotations next year.  I love literature based history and living book sciences.  The Wonder Book of Chemistry (not pictured) is fabulous, a favorite for sure.  I am going to pull out the micro-chem box a friend gave us and try to pull off some of the experiments.  The other night Jenna and Mike got out the Super Circuit lab we picked up and experimented with all the projects in the box.   Major goals are memorizing math facts and getting typing down preparatory to more advanced writing next year.   Jenna works fairly independently, half her day is doing that and the other half is assigned reading and read alouds. I teach new math concepts, do writing with her, make sure she isn't falling into bad habits in handwriting, discuss and read from Truthquest American History for Young Students and am here for support. Also not shown are her Truthquest, CLE Math 300, Math Mammoth worksheets and IEW Fables, Myths and Fairytales.

8th grade is going well.  Rowan is doing all BJU dvd's with the exception of Bible (no dvds) and vocabulary. (Vocabulary from Classical Roots)  As sad as I am that the home-school in my head had to be put away, it is going very well.  She seems to thrive on the textbook approach as well as working independently.  I will never regret our WTM classical school for two full rotations but her needs are different now, as her learning style has always been.  BJU is both rigorous and well laid out, each text has the same style and she is learning well with it.  She is even working a year ahead in Spanish, Algebra and Physical Science, all high school courses.  I would really like to do a different writing and lit course from IEW next year but if she would prefer what she is doing than I will be okay with it, I guess. It is actually a great deal of work for me, administratively, more than I had anticipated but it's all good.

Now it is time for my part of the school day, Ro takes a break between classes and we do Bible Study Guide for All Ages together and have a snack.  Then she will go back to her work and Jenna and I will do our read alouds.  Rowan has her laundry going, later I will put in ours and that will be about it for my own chores until supper.  As soon as I am free I will be able to read and work on my own course of self education.  I have a reading list that I am working through, Bible study, journaling and Latin.    Just need to find the things for Rowan's physical science labs this week and I am good to go.


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