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A Work in Progress

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Much of It is Me

The blog isn't entitled "A Work in Progress" for nothing.
I have been having to face up to a few things of late and I am not enjoying it.
Sometimes I forget how young my oldest still is really.
Sometimes I forget my youngest is growing up.
Sometimes I say things and don't realize their impact.
Sometimes I am selfish and want more time for me when they need me more than ever.
I need to make special alone time with each of my daughters consistently.
I need to count to three before I speak 97% of the time and when I speak it needs to be softly.
I have control issues I have passed on to my daughter.
I need to focus on why we home-school and not so much with what; especially with the anxiety I am beginning to feel about high school next year.

So many issues, so little time.

I remain sincerely yours, A Work in Progress


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