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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One of Those Heart Stopping Moments

"Where's Jenny?"  I asked Mike, who was sitting at the computer.  It had been some time since I had seen her.  "In her room." He replied.  So I went up to check on her.

Her door was closed.  I called her name and opened it. 
It was freezing in her room, the window was wide open, curtains swaying, and she was gone. 
It was one of those heart stopping moments that frighten you to your core.  Where was she?

Rationally, I knew.  She has been terrified over a dental appointment that is today.  I knew she had run away to avoid it.  Mike and the dog went out to look for her.  When he called her name, she answered.  Off into the woods they went.  Even knowing she was ok, I was not, until I saw them coming out of the woods together.
She had packed for two days.  Her stuffed elephant, a blanket, two apples and a package of rice cakes.  She had climbed high into a tree to "clear her thoughts".  She said when she heard Mike call that she "didn't have the heart to not answer."  Thank God for that.

They had a long chat in the woods and came home.  And my heart started beating again.


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