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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have a Dual Appreciation Theme This Morning

I have a lot of responsibilities in the mornings.  I have a menagerie to feed, lunches to make, dishes to do, papers to grade, homework to check, schedules to go over, email to return and the prayer chain to run.  Ideally I also remember to take my pills and get a chance to workout.  So I can not tell you how much it meant to me the first morning I heard my dear brother in law doing the wood stove for me.  What a blessing!  He gets up before I do and gets it going, all crackling and warm and this is not always easy depending on the wood we have, the kindling supply and the amount of ashes still glowing.  It means to world to me.  Thanks DK. :)

So this morning, I go down to thank him, throw on my new boiled wool clogs my Mom gave me, and take a walk down the driveway to empty the ash bucket.  It is dark still and quiet and peaceful.  As I turn and begin to walk back up the driveway, there is our house, smoke wafting slowly out the chimney. A single light in the big window, bird-feeders out in front.  And I stop for a moment and look at it.  It isn't just a house.  It is a home.  And I send up a prayer of thanksgiving.  That we have one, for everyone inside it, for all that we are able to do inside it's walls, for it's welcome and for our lives here.

Thank you God, for brother in laws and a home.


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