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Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Week of the Big Change

Though I am hesitant to "jinx it", the BJU dvd school seems to be going well.  There is a learning curve for each course but by day 3 Rowan is settling in fairly well.

Half her courses are the excellent dvd ones and the other half are old homesat courses.  These are the ones BJU used to beam via satellite to Christian schools and homeschoolers.  These courses, unlike the newer ones, have the teacher dealing with other kids and some IRU thingy which the schools use to interact with the teacher.  The first lecture or two was agonizing as they explained the rules and usage of these devices but it wasn't as bad as hearing the questions from the other students.

(Our daughters are spoiled when it comes to school.  They never had to wait around for papers to be passed, rules to be listed, syllabbi to be read aloud let alone listen to stupid questions and the answers.)

I thought Rowan was going to snap when the Spanish teacher, having just said that pens will not be allowed, had to field questions such as "Can I use a pen if I have whiteout?"  I had to laugh and told her to be grateful that she had not had 8 years of that like kids who go to school.  And that even in college, the first few lectures were always like what she is watching and yes, it is more often that not, stupid.

There was also intense frustration with the Physics teacher.  His schedule was cryptic and had when assignments were due but not what they were.  I had to call BJU and even they agreed that it was pretty difficult to figure out.  They even called me back and emailed me an explanation sheet from the teacher.  I still have to convert from the schedule to the Julian calendar but at least it is a bit more helpful.

That having been said, she likes her teachers, even loves Grammar, Spanish and History.  She is thriving working so independently and I really believe we have made a good choice for her.

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