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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Home Safe and Sound


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adventurous days

Adventurous days these ones. Lots of getting ready for our church vacation Bible school next week, lots of practices for the NY trip VBS too.

Yesterday we went with Mike's cousin and her kids to Falmouth Heights beach while Rowan was at a meeting at the church. It was the perfect beach day, hazy, hot and humid and NO direct sun. The air was so thick you felt like you were walking through cobwebs. It was a nightmare. The kids down there were horrid and no adult was in any way curbing their behavior. The lifeguards ignored the entire situation. We couldn't take our eyes off of our bags, they kept cruising past them. We kept having to ask them to stop jumping on our towels and taking the kids toys. There was a gang of kids that kept pummeling this one young man. I was heading towards them to say something when they let him go but it continued to happen. It was the Rec Center's campers for the most part. If I were paying for my kids to go to that there would be hell to pay!

Once we got Rowan we headed to Menahaunt. Night and day difference!!!!!
That is why that is the beach we always go to. I love it there, it has a little of everything, it is quiet and lovely.
We were having a great time until we headed over to the Bourne Pond side to rummage about the tidal flats. About half an hour into the excursion Jenna cut her foot on something. We didn't think anything of it at first, told her to stick her foot in the water and rinse it off. But when we saw the volume of blood heading downstream, we realized she had done a number on it. I picked her up, wrapped her foot in my skirt, swung her onto my back and up the banking we started. It is not an easy climb on a good day but up we made it, over the guard rail and through the parking lot to the car. I sat with her in my lap keeping pressure on the foot, still bleeding profusely, and Ericka drove us home. (Ericka was cut as well but than goodness not as badly and thank goodness it wasn't one of the littler ones)

I called Mike on the way to ask him to meet us at home. Ericka had to leave for the 2 hour ride home to her place and I couldn't take pressure off the foot. So home he came and off we went. Rowan stayed home to make dinner and hold the fort bless her heart. The ER was fairly busy and freezing cold. Thank the Lord we had a blanket with us. We finally got in to see someone and the nurse put that gel on to prepare her for stitches. The Doc came in and said it was a pretty good one but when he found out she had done it at the beach, he said he had learned a lesson awhile back. You do not stitch beach injuries due to their potential for infection. Having said that, she was wrapped up and sent home with only a swipe of betadine.
We mulled over that one and Elaine said, honestly, they were probably just too busy to spend time on it. So we unwrapped it and put hydrogen peroxide on it to profuse foaming, added neosporin and wrapped it back up.

When we checked it this morning it has clearly seeped a bit all night but looks clean. So we keep her off it for a few days and watch for infection but she should heal well. I am really glad we have time for her to heal before our upcoming camping trip!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm doing it again.
I can't believe I am doing it again.
If you had asked me at any point up until a week ago, I would have told you we were all set, good to go, confident, moving right along on the perfect curriculum track for the girls.
And now, high school hyperventilation has set in which leads to second guessing the grammar years all over again which leads to pile of curriculum catalogs and numerous tabs open on the computer. This leads to an information overload resulting in panic attacks.
There is no good coming out of this.
I feel like Opus watching infomercials.


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