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Friday, July 24, 2009

Ready? Or Not?

July 24th. 
It seems as if summer has barely begun and here it is almost over. Time flies indeed.
The girls have been gone all week, up in Sturbridge for OSV's Discovery Camp. It is my one week off every year. In addition to having company most days and watching movies and Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Season One, Disc One, I have been plugging away at lesson planning and have finally finished! I don't have any idea how many hours I have spent doing it but it takes months.

Wednesday Mom and I went to Staples and had a ball getting school supplies. Fresh, new notebooks, pens, pencils, tape, white-out, rulers, erasers, stickers, gum, poster putty, printer ink and paper. We got Rowan a decent calculator this year as well, which she has needed for Algebra.

Yesterday I printed out the first quarter of their individual lesson plan sheets, the history planners, and the custom binder covers I love to make for them every year and put the whole shebang together for them for the first day of school. I am officially ready to take a summer break now!

This summer my "break" includes putting up VBS decorations and helping out each night for a week, chaperoning and doing crafts on a week long short term missions trip to NY with my daughters and getting everything ready to camp for 2 weeks on Washburn Island.

Also agonizing over a decision to bring home an abandoned Umbrella Cockatoo, huge, huge commitment there. I met her, we bonded, I cried my eyes out leaving her there. Talked to my beloved, who, while certain I am out of my mind, gave me permission to get her. Emailed the MSPCA and am waiting to hear back from them. It is a very big deal, it is like having a permanent 4 year old the rest of our lives. She is 14 and they can live 70 or so years. Her name is Frosty and some idiot just decided one day they were all done. Not that she was in dire straits, not sick, not loosing her home, just didn't want it anymore.
It is as bad as abandoning a kid and I don't know how people can do it, I just do not get it.

Heading up to get the girls this afternoon, hoping we can get there in time to see them in costume and watch the dance they will be doing. Rowan, bless her heart has been blogging daily about her time at camp and I have really enjoyed her posts. Jenna seems to have had a really rough week mentally but seems to have rallied last night. Better late than never. Hope they didn't drive their grandparents too nuts. :)

Really looking forward to Washburn. Friends, fellowship, indulging my love of photography, letting the kids have the freedom to run and play and swim and just be kids for 2 solid weeks.
It is the best time of the year for us all. (No running water and a composting toilet notwithstanding. )

Then, of course, we need a week off to regroup from camping so school starts September 14th.


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