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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You Probably Had to be There but...

For background purposes, we spent 2 years trying to find out what was wrong with our daughter and finally have a bit of a handle on it.  She gets hives and angioedema and all kinds of other urticaria rashes and such and is on medication for some of it.  Yesterday, she woke up with her top lip swollen and blistered.  It was a little painful and she was unhappy and I called her dr.  The receptionist said she would be in the office at 1:00 so we headed to town to do some shopping.
Long story short, she didn't call until 7:30 and then to tell us that Rowan is on the maximum dose for her meds and that they likely wouldn't help the angioedema anyway.  She tells us to use cold compresses on it.
So, off to the kitchen Rowan goes and gets some ice and puts it in a towel and she sits down to watch tv with us.
Shortly thereafter, she says, "Mom, I think it is making it worse".  So I looked at it and by golly it was a great deal more swollen.  It occurred to me then, that she also has cold urticaria and that we had actually compounded the situation.  Not only did she have angioedema but now she had cold induced hives as well.  The poor kid's lip was swollen all out of proportion and so help me, it struck our funny bones and we couldn't help it, we completely cracked up. It was just one of those situations where you make a choice, laugh or cry.
We chose to laugh.


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