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Friday, December 11, 2009

This morning as I was cooking soup, Rowan came in the kitchen to make tea.  I turned around and she had put the little wooden clementine crate on the empty burner next to the one on HIGH!!
We had a little chat about using common sense in the kitchen and safety with fire in general.

Later on, I sent her downstairs to sweep the wood-stove area.  A new job on the chore charts for winter.
I was at the computer and she was reading when I smelled smoke.  I asked her if she had put more wood on and she replied that she had not.  So I am now thinking things like downdrafts and chimney clogs and head down to the woodstove.

The basement was smoke filled and I instantly found the problem.  Rowan had done a great job sweeping but no one had emptied the ashes yet.  So she dumped the sweepings in it and went upstairs.  Being mostly tinder, they quickly caught on fire and were riotously burning on top of the bucket, smoking like mad.
Yelling like a banshee, I barked orders for an oven mit and an open door and made her take it outside to finish burning.

And we had another little chat about using common sense and general fire safety.


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