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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Replacement Theorem

It was pretty wretched.  Percy Jackson was not only gone, but the woman keeps calling every time he isn't home to make sure we have not let him back in. I didn't sleep after she called at 10:30 to ask if her were here because he had not come back.   I can not believe she let him back outside the very day she got him home.  Even though I told her he had never once asked to go outside she said he would be miserable any other way.  So, no way to hide him even if he did show up, I can't lie, no matter how good my reasons.

Jenna went to sleep sobbing and woke up the same way.  My eyes were puffy and sore from the crying I did for both their sakes.  And so, using the replacement theorem, and an adoption fee lovingly given by Nana, Elaine and I took her to People for Cats.  I fell in love with a big, gorgeous, affectionate male tiger named Teddy, but her heart was set on a kitten that looked exactly like Percy Jackson.  She wanted to pretend the whole thing never happened.  There was nothing there and she wanted to go to Centerville when in walked a lady with 3 tuxedo kittens ready to go.  And home we came with Percy Jackson the 2nd.

He isn't Percy and he never will be, but hopefully, he will be her very own.
As for myself, just like Cocoa, Lucky, Frodo and Samwise, I will miss him always too.
Maybe I can still beg Mike to let me have Teddy.  He needs me.


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