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Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 20th Blizzard 09

It was still dark when the first child ran past our bedroom door looking for her snowpants.  We couldn't see anything out the windows, they were covered with snow.  The phone rang, church was canceled.  And I utterly gave up on trying to sleep in as gleeful noises and outdoor preparation continued in the living room.
Snowsuits, coats, scarves, jackets, hats and mittens and out the door went Jenna with Arwen.  I don't kow who is happier.  There is 11 plus inches of snow and the dog  disappeared.
Mike just snuck out the front to ambush them with a barrage of snowballs.
Arwen is now " helping"  Mike shovel the deck.  It was cuter when she didn't weigh 75 pounds.
It is supposed to snow all day.  I think we have our white Christmas this year for sure.



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