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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why are Errands Never Simple Anymore?

My memory is not the fine tuned instrument it once may have been.
Recently, when I have more than one errand, I inevitably forget one or more of them.
I have a methodology for my errands, it should be simple.  I make a list.  I do all the stops on the right going uptown and all the stops on the left heading home.  In this manner, I never have to try to cross traffic.  In theory.
I make my grocery list by aisle so I don't forget anything.  Except the grocery list.  Then I find myself with an over-budget grocery cart, in aisle 3 of 16.
I have to go to the post office to mail my Netflix movies back because the mailman already came to our box and I want the next movies faster. And I forget to buy the stamps I reminded myself to pick up after I forgot them at the grocery store, because I forgot my list.
So I get down to the Feed and Grain store and go in to get cat-food, only to get home and remember I also needed bird food and a bale of hay.  Because I forgot my list.
I do manage to get to the library to pick up some items on hold, but forgot their new times and they are closed.  And now I have to cross traffic to get back where I was heading in the first place.
In fits and starts, false leads and backtracking, I get home with bags and bundles and bales.  Only to realize I had forgotten to change out of my slippers when I went out.
Oh well, maybe people will just think I am eccentric.


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